Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Installing XWJS8 on Samsung Galaxy S I9000

There is new firmware for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 XWJS8. This seems to be the fastest and smoothest of all stock firmwares I have ever installed on SGS.

For updating Samsung Galaxy S I9000(SGS) to latest version of Froyo 2.2.1 you need the following prerequisites:
  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your SGS installed on the desktop. (To do so simply install Samsung Kies from Samsung's official website or here)
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously)
  4. The next important point is to download the firmware for upgrading. The latest 2.2.1 Froyo version is XWJS8, here is the link for the firmware.(Password for rar file is firmware source
  5. You need to have ODIN v1.3(the software used to update your SGS)

Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now upgrade your SGS to XWJS8 in a few minutes.
Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Extract the firmware you will find a folder named "I9000XWJS8" inside that folder there will be a file "NEE.tar"
  2. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  1. Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.
  2. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  1. Click on PIT and choose the 512 pit file.
  2. Click on PDA and select the PDA(here it will be NEE.tar) file from extracted folder.
  1. DO NOT tick Re-Partition
  2. Check if both Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are ticked.(both are ticked by default)
  3. Press Start button.
  4. You will see the progress in both ODIN and your phone.
  1. Your phone will restart.(You should see green color in PASS and ID:COM fields)
StartUp.jpg GalaxySLogo.jpg

  1. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone and follow on screen instructions.
Congratulations! you have now successfully updated your SGS to the latest 2.2.1 Froyo firmware(XWJS8).

Video tutorial for installing XWJS8 coming soon!!


  1. Hi Bro,

    Is the XWJS8? Coz in the procedure you have mentioned XWJS7

    is this stable on the I9000

  2. @Aliasgar Sorry about that its XWJS8(March 7th 2011) n its a build after XWJS7 more improvements over XWJS7 battery and speed to be precise. Corrected it:) Thanks!
    Let me knw if you have any more questions :)

  3. hello.
    this is a brilliant firmware upgrade, i do not experience any lag on the SGS anymore. battery performance is also better. still, i have issues with using 3G on the phone after i flashed it with this rom. any suggestions?

  4. @Ritwik This indeed is the best amongst 2.2.1 firmwares!
    Regrading 3G I've used both Vodafone and Tata Docomo 3G with this firmware and I have faced no problems what so ever.
    Can you elaborate your problem a little more???
    You can try by getting the latest settings for your device from your mobile operator.

  5. @gautam i'm using docomo presently, and you know about their service...
    i had the setting before, when i was using stock 2.2 froyo.... atleast the #G was working...
    what i have noticed is that the phone detects the locale to be England(UK), and the list does not contain India.

  6. OK. I get your problem now. The settings are 3G are not present by default in this rom.
    You have to make a new a access point for Tata Docomo with APN as "TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET".
    Once you have done that leave the remaining options and then save it.
    Enjoy the 3G service by the TATA DOCOMO!
    You can also get the APN setting for mobile phone directly by sending SMS 3GLife to 53333.
    Try this and let me know if you are still having problem.

  7. @gautam

    setting the APN worked like a charm. i had missed checking it for some reason..
    thanks for the help and the brilliant upload.

  8. @Ritwik I'm glad you liked the post! You can follow my blog if you want updates on latest information on technology, flashing firmwares, latest app reviews and more.

  9. Hi Bro,

    Thanks for your reply earlier,

    I am using the phone in India so is it advisable to install I9000ZSJPK or I9000XWJS8, is there any difference?
    Aliasgar Banatwala

  10. @Aliasgar
    XWJS8 is a stable and very clean rom .. no extra apps pre-installed..
    I think XWJS8 is a better option as compared to Asian roms, coz they generally come loaded with apps we don't want to use!!
    All roms are 2.2.1 and are derived from XXJPY so performance will be the same..
    I prefer European roms against Asian roms..

    If you have installed XWJS8 then no point upgrading to ZSJPK, I'll suggest you wait for a few more days coz we will be getting 2.3.3 Gingerbread stable rom this month!!

  11. @Gautam thanks alot for your feedback,

    Please let me know when 2.3.3 Gingerbread Stable rom comes into the market


  12. @Ali
    Sure thing!!
    You can follow my blog and/or subscribe via email to get the latest updates..

  13. @Gautam

    My friend installed JS8 on his device and he now has a big time issue of battery drain. Also the GPS has stopped working. Maybe its because of the JQ1 modem. He flashed with 3 files as under,
    PDA: XWJS8
    PHONE: XXJQ1 (this is the modem)
    CSC: NEE_JS1

    Now my question is, can we flash JS8 this way,

    PDA: XWJS8
    PHONE: JP2 (this is the froyo modem for India)
    CSC: NEE_JS1

    PDA: XWJS8
    PHONE: JP2 (this is the froyo modem for India)
    CSC: ODDJP5 (Its Indian DDJP6 rom's CSC file)

    Shall I flash with only the PDA file of JS8 if I am on stock DDJP6 Indian Rom.

    Also please let me know if we can downgrade from JS8 to our stock DDJG4 2.1 (update 1) or DDJP6 rom so that when the official 2.3.3 comes to India, we can flash it through kies.

    Amit Aggarwal

  14. I strongly recommend you to flash just the PDA with NEE.tar file as shown above.
    JPY is the best modem I hv used so far n hv no issues with GPS..
    Plz do not try to flash JS8 PDA along with other Modem n CSC.
    XWJS8 comes with JPY modem!!
    CSC wont be INU though..
    You can easily downgrade to DDJG4 or DDJP6... Once 2.3.3 update will be available you can easily flash with DDJG4 / DDJP6 and get the official update from Kies..

  15. Hey thanks a lot Gautam. Will try that and get back. Btw r u based in mumbai?

    Amit Aggarwal

  16. @Amit
    You are welcome!! Let me knw if u face ne issues..
    No I'm currently in Pune :)

  17. Hey Gautam I just realized that JS8 comes with JQ1 modem by default. Thats what is available on rom, i suppose. U have mentioned that JS8 comes with JPY modem but i am now confused. Is it that u flashed with 3 files wherein u selected the JPY modem separately?

    I'll tell u what..

    I have downloaded the JS8 from (which contains only 1 file that is the PDA file) Also, I have downloaded JS8 from some other link which divided the PDA file into 3, as follows

    PDA: XWJS8
    CSC: NEE_JS1

    I also have JS5 downloaded from which has the JPY modem file.

    Now can u plz temme whether to flash with 3 files by selecting the JPY modem from my JS5 folder and keeping the PDA as XWJS8 and CSC as NEE_JS1,


    only the JS8 PDA file from

    Plz note that I am currently running on stock 2.1 DDJG4 rom which came as default with my new phone.

    Also if possible can u give me ur cell no. Just wanted to have a word with u before flashing. Have a few more doubts.


    Amit Aggarwal

  18. @Amit
    You are correct! I'm sorry XWJS8 comes with JQ1 its a new modem for 2.2.1 but I'm not facing any issues with GPS nor any battery drain as ur friend is on XWJS8.

    Just flash Nee.tar file as mentioned above for upgrading from any 2.1 or 2.2 or 2.2.1 firmware.
    The 1 file firmware should work perfectly!!

    If you are downgrading from 2.3.2 or 2.3.3 you need to first flash any of the 3 file 2.2.1 firmware be4 installing this one.

    I hope that answers your question.

  19. Hi I flashed as per instructions and now have issues with almost all of my apps crashing shortly after starting or not starting at all.
    Build Info:2011.03
    Any ideas?

  20. @Tim
    Can you tell me from which rom u upgraded???
    Did you install these apps after u flashed this rom???

    This kind of problem happens sometimes on account of bad flash. I recommend wiping data and cache from recovery be4 re-flashing this firmware.

    Plz let me know if you need more info on this or if you are facing any other issues..


  21. Hi Gautam,
    I was on XWJS5
    Phone was JPY.
    I tried to go back to JS5 using odin & 512pit, now phone shows:
    Build Info 2011.01
    also now all my downloaded applications deleted.

    Should I try and reflash with JS8, and reinstall my apps?
    Which modem file is the best?

    Your help much appreciated.

  22. @Tim
    If you are currently on JS5 then enter recovery mode by pressing volume down + power button + menu button simultaneously.
    Then select wipe data and cache.
    Once you do that enter download mode and flash XWJS8 as shown above.

    JQ1 is gud!!

    After re-flashing JS8 you will need to reinstall all your applications.

  23. @Gautam
    Shot. Will give it a bash and let you know what happens!

  24. @Gautam.
    Followed your instructions. Now all seems well. Apps running fine so far. Will let you know if I experience any further problems.

    Now showing:
    Build Info:2011.03

    Also connects fine to KIES.
    Thanks for the update and help.

  25. @Tim
    Gr8!! I'm sure u'll not have any problems with JS8.
    Its one of the most stable roms ever!!

  26. Hi Gautam,

    I have almost gathered my guts to flash JS8 but theres this 1 thing which i wanted to be sure of the following ..

    I am running Stock DDJG4 Eclair and will be flashing JS8. So now the big question arises between Eclair bootloader v/s Froyo Bootloader. Is it that I will have to flash a Froyo firmware which has bootloaders or is it ok if I just flash JS8 on my current 2.1 update 1 stock Eclair.

    I asked this question because JS8 does not have any bootloaders. Just wanted to be sure if Eclair bootloaders will work on Froyo firmwares.


    Amit Aggarwal

  27. @Amit
    I don't think u'll have issues.
    When I first upgraded from 2.1 I was also a bit scared but once u flash it u'll knw how simple it is..

    I just downgraded to 2.1 from 2.2.1 JS8 and upgraded to 2.2.1 to see if it works..

    All is working fine at my end..

    I think you will not have any issues upgrading..

    Still if you don't feel confident then first flash JS7 from here, JS7 is a 3 file firmware n then upgrade to JS8.

  28. Thanks for taking the trouble Gautam. I am flashing now. I have also disabled the kies tray agent and all kies processes. plz confirm at earliest if this is correct. also tell me what happens if I dont kill the kies processes from my laptop and flash the firmware.



    Amit Aggarwal

  29. @Amit
    Nothing happens even if you keep kies agent running. Good that you have done it though. Just to be on a safer side.
    I have never had ne problems with Kies agent running while flashing. Just make sure Kies software is not open and running during the flashing process.

  30. @Gautam

    1 terrifying thing just happened but got out of it. If i try to explain it by writing, maybe u will not understand. Can i plz have ur cell no. Want to talk to u. or if u dont wanna give ur no. over here. plz take my no. and give me a missed call. i will call u.
    my no. is 9820982034.

    Plz gimme a call at the earliest.

  31. @Gautam

    Thanks a ton for the help but nom my GPS has stopped working completely. It was fine till yesterday with the JS8 on. But now i guess, its become un reliable. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

    any suggestions ???

    Amit Aggarwal

  32. @Amit
    I don't understand how that is possible! GPS at my end is working absolutely fine.. I'm using Tata Docomo 3G and I get almost accurate results.
    It is sometimes off by 30m-40m but overall no issues.

    It has never happened that the GPS just stopped working..

    Are you trying this using 3G or Edge???

    If you are on Wi-Fi, go to Setting -> Location and security -> Tick Use GPS satellites and also Use sensor aiding.
    This helps to improve accuracy over Wi-Fi. :)

  33. trying to call u but cant connect. plz turn on ur fone.


  34. hey i tried it trhu wi-fi and it works but not that accurate the way DDJP6 was. only thing i fail to understand is why its not working with my vodafone edge.


  35. @Amit
    This seems to be your Vodafone Edge issue.
    If GPS works with Wi-Fi it has to work with Edge also. I hope you are getting what I'm trying to say..
    May be due to less speed on your Edge network you are facing this issue.

  36. hurray!!! I got my 2.2.1 upgraded successfully! Thanks Gautam for the wonderful tutorial! The phone is restarting now :) will get back if any issues

    Thanks again

  37. @IamCommonMan
    You are welcome!
    I'm glad you found the tutorial useful!!

    Let me know if ur facing ne issues...

  38. I saw that there is now 2.3.3 firmware labelled I9000XWJVB.

    Can I flash my SGS with this ROM? In UK.

  39. @Matthew
    Yes! you can flash this ROM as long as you are using the international version of SGS GT-I9000.

  40. Hi Gautam

    Around 2 weeks ago i installed xwjs8 and was very happy with the speed and performance initially. Also the gps problem was resolved automatically. But somehow after installing about 20 apps or so the phone has started lagging again.
    P.S. I had also cleared all the data and wiped the cache partition from recovery mode when i installed js8.

    Have u experienced any lag on js8. I also tried calling u several times but i guess u have discarded ur no.

    Plz suggest some remedy.

    Amit Aggarwal

  41. @Amit
    Its due to the infamous RFS file system used by Samsung!
    After 2-3 weeks it tends to start lagging!
    This can only be fixed if Samsung switches to EXT4 file system!

    Yes! The lag is there for all devices running on RFS!

  42. @Gautam

    Have u tried rooting your phone and applying any lagfix or any kernel like speedmod kernel, etc ?

  43. @Amit
    Yes! I have tried it but I think battery backup on stock is the best!!
    If you want performance and don't care much abt battery backup then u can try it out!

  44. @Gautam
    Plz tell me which kernel u tried?

    I found the following kernels on xda so just wanted to know which one from this did u try.

    -hardcore's speedmod Froyo
    -laststufo's Super Optimized Kernel
    -supercurio's Voodoo Lagfix
    -DamianGto's Ultimate Kernel
    -tegrak's lagfix build Kernel

  45. @razvan
    You are welcome!!!

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  46. @Amit
    I have tried Harcore's and supercurio's kernel's both work flawlessly on SGS!!

  47. @Gautam
    Hi Gautam i am manoj from chennai and i got samsung galaxy s 2 months before in india running froyo 2.2 and my baseband version in I9000DDJP2.As this 2.2.1 update is not officially present in india so if i update this now can i do official update through kies when it is available?
    And also i face many hangs and crashes in present firmware so wat abt this firmware will i experiance samething with this also???

  48. @manoj
    Yes!! All the issues related to force close, system freeze/crashes also lag to certain extent will not be there is 2.2.1

    This is a European update!
    You can downgrade to 2.2 DDJP6 or 2.1 DDJP4, once the upgrade is available via Kies in India..

    You will get the upgrade after downgrading to 2.2 DDJP2..

    I'll provide instructions to do so once the upgrade is available..

    Let me know if you have any other questions..

  49. @gautam
    thanx for ur instant reply gautam and i want to know onething my mobile hangs and vibrates at regular interval while in some apps and sometimes hangs and vibrates on just operating the mobile this a sign of force closing or do i have some hardware problem in my mobile,is this normal force closing behaviour or not.?

  50. im on JS7,will jump to JS8 within a few days.but this time i wanna use custom mods and kernels,can u suggest any for JS8??


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