Wednesday, March 16, 2011

IPAD2 launching this month end in India???

There are rumors that Ipad2 which launched in the US on 11 March will be making an entry to Indian market officially by the end of this month.

Apple has always been slow in bringing new products in India even after knowing that there is great demand for Apple products here. Any Apple product that launches in US comes to India only after 6-7 months.

Is this going to change now???With Motorola Xoom the first honeycomb tablet running android 3.0 launching officially in India around first week of April, Apple now seems to have got its act right and are trying to push Ipad2 before Xoom hits Indian markets.

It will not be wrong to say both devices will sell like hot cakes in India. Apple products are already popular and Android's popularity is increasing everyday with so many manufacturers launching android products here.

This is a win-win situation for consumers in India. Both Xoom and Ipad2 have great specifications. Apple products are well built and the finish is the best in the market. Hardware wise both devices are similar:
  • Both have 1GHz dual core processors, Xoom has a Tegra2 processor and the Ipad2 has a custom made A5 processor.
  • Both devices have 10.1 inches screen, Ipad2 has a led display vs lcd display of Xoom.
  • Xoom has more RAM than Ipad2 1GB vs 512MB but that doesn't mean the Ipad2 is slower than Xoom.
  • Both the devices support multitasking.
  • Both devices have 2 cameras front facing cam for video chat on Xoom/facetime on Ipad2 and rear cameras for high quality video recording, Xoom has a flash at rear for capturing pictures even in low lit conditions.
  • Both devices are weighing almost the same, Xoom is marginally heavier than Ipad2.
  • Ipad 2 is just 8.8mm thin and is the thinnest tablet in the market, its even slimmer than Iphone4.
  • Ipad2 comes in 3 variants 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Xoom comes in 32GB variant and an SD-card slot for increasing your storage capacity.
  • Ipad2 comes in 2 colors black and white, Xoom comes only in black color.
Both the products have positives and negatives. The competition is very stiff and only time will tell if Apple with the introduction of Ipad2 in India before Xoom is able to spoil Motorola's party this time!

iPad2 to be launched in India as early as this weekend!
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