Monday, March 21, 2011

Must have apps on your Android

PictureI have made a list of apps that according to me are a must have on any Android device.
The list contains mostly all free apps though a few may have pro versions (you may need to pay for these apps) which I recommend you guys to buy after trying the free version. Support our developers and let them create many more wonderful apps. This will also help Android community grow!!

The list of apps is a follows:

  1. TweetDeck (TweetDeck is simple to use, light weight and has no ads even after being a free version. It also has support for writing tweets longer than 140 characters. You can access multiple accounts using TweetDeck not just twitter but facebook, Buzz and Foursquare as well. This makes it the best!! Here is the Market Link.
  2. facebook for Android (Now includes chat functionality!!!) Here is the Market Link.
  3. Screen Filter (helps to set the brightness of the screen, you can set it lower than the lowest levels set by the phone manufacturer) Here is the Market Link.
  4. Barcode Scanner Here is the Market Link.
  5. Advance Task Killer Pro (There is a free version available which doesn't have auto-kill option) Here is the Market Link.
  6. Quick Battery (Lets you see the amount of battery remaining in terms of %, its very accurate also no battery drain after installing this app/widget) Here is the Market Link.
  7. XDA Premium app if you are a member at xdadevelopers. Here is the Market Link.
  8. Yahoo! Mail app for quickly accessing multiple mail accounts. Here is the Market Link.
  9. Blogger (As the name suggests you can use this to post articles quickly on your blog) Here is the Market Link.
  10. ShootMe (This app allows us to take screenshot of our device by simply shaking the device or by making a loud enough noise. You need to ROOT your device in order to be able to use this app) Here is the Market Link.
I'll be updating this list as I find more apps!!
If you have any app in mind that is worth adding to this list kindly let me know.

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