Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upgrading Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 to 2.2 Froyo

You can now update your Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo(Samsung Galaxy 3) to the latest Froyo 2.2 (ZHJPF).
ZHJPF is an Asian firmware and has build date of March 2011.
For updating Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801(Apollo) to latest version of Froyo 2.2 you need the following prerequisites:

  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your Samsung Galaxy 3 installed on the desktop. (To do so simply install Samsung Kies from Samsung's official website)
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously
  4. The next important point is to download the I5810ZHJPF_Complete_Package.
Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now upgrade your Samsung Galaxy 3 to ZHJPF in a few minutes.
Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below:

Extract I5810ZHJPF_Complete_Package.rar file with the password "".
On extraction, you will find a folder named "I5810ZHJPF_Complete_Package" inside that folder there will be 1 folder("I5801ZFJPE") and 2 files("apollo_0531.ops", "I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe").
  1. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  2. Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.
  3. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  4. Click on OPS and choose the "apollo_0531.ops" file from the extracted folder.
  5. Click on BOOT and choose the "I5801ZFJPE-REV02-Bootloader-CL915488.tar.md5" file from the extracted folder.
  6. Click on PHONE and select the "APOLLO_FET_REV_00_phone" file from extracted folder.
  7. Click on PDA and select the "I5801ZFJPE-REV02-PDA-CL915488.tar.md5" file from extracted folder.
  8. Click on CSC and select the "I5801FETJPD-CSC-FET.tar.md5" file from extracted folder.(You should see something like this in odin)
  9. DO NOT tick Re-Partition.
  10. Check if both Auto Reboot, Protect OPS and Reset Time are ticked.(ticked by default)
  11. Press Start button.
  12. You will see the progress in both ODIN and your phone.
  13. Your phone will restart wait till you see PASS in ODIN
  14. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone and follow on screen instructions.

Congratulations! you have now successfully updated your Samsung Galaxy 3 I5810 (Apollo) to the latest 2.2 Froyo firmware(ZFJPF).

To set the default language to English you need to set the Locale to English(United Kingdom)

If you wish to revert back to 2.1 once you get the official update from Samsung, Check Downgrading Samsung Galaxy 3 I5810 to 2.1 (DDJGE-INDIA) to know more on this.


  1. hey Gautam,
    Just updated my Galaxy 3 to 2.2.
    Just wanted to know how to change the language? Its set to Chinese by default.

  2. @Kiran
    Sure, I'll post some pics which will help you set default language to English.
    If you have any other issues do let me know.

  3. @Kiran
    I have shown the procedure to set the Locale to English(UK) hope this will help you!!
    Let me know if you have any other issues..

  4. Can we revert back to the original one after flashing using this method / Can we still use the official upgrade from Samsung after following this method???

  5. @ArunB
    yes!! we can definitely go back to 2.1, but for that we first need to know from which FW you are upgrading and then flash it with the same!!
    In Android every firmware update is reversible!! :)
    Once you are back to the original firmware you can then get the official upgrade from Samsung!!
    Let me know if you have any other questions...

  6. @Gautam

    I really appreciate your quick response. Can you help me out with the process of reverting it?

    I am upgrading from 2.1, the one that came with my G3. How do I take backup and restore it?


  7. @ArunB
    I'll provide you link for the 2.1 stock firmware if you want. Flashing that will revert your mobile back to 2.1.
    I'll post a tutorial to flash GS3 back to 2.1 soon.
    Mean while you can flash this 2.2 firmware.
    Let me know if you need the link.

  8. @Gautam

    Thank you...

    Can I use the FW provided at for flashing back to 2.1?

    Do I need to take backup of anything to revert back?

    Will flashing cause any problems like losing IMEI number, changing Mac code etc? If so, is there anyway to recover it?

  9. @ArunB
    yes you can definitely use it!
    Just remember to follow the steps mentioned in this post.
    Nope.. flashing wont change your IMEI number or any other details of your phone.
    Flashing is completely safe as long as you follow the instructions.

  10. @Gautam

    Starting it now, following your set of instructions... Hope it gets completed without problems.... :D

  11. @ArunB
    Just want to let you know once the flashing is complete ur phone will restart immediately but you will get pass on odin after some time..
    so kindly wait until you see pass on odin before you unplug the usb cable from your phone..
    I'm sure you wont have any issues flashing..
    happy flashing.. :)
    Let me know how it goes..

  12. @Gautam

    Just want to tell you, when I open the Odin, it is displaying an alert, IMAGE PATH <>!

    Will let you know it soon... :)

  13. @ArunB
    Just ignore that..
    Its not a problem u can continue with ur flashing.. :)

  14. And it is shown every time, I select a file... And finally Windows says,

    Odin Multi Downloader has stopped working.

    Can I use the other one, which I downloaded from xda-developers?

  15. @ArunB
    I'm checking it on my end.. I don't get such msg's each time..
    sure no problem!! as long as it is the same version.. u wont have issues with flashing..

  16. Still same issue, Odin Multi Downloader has stopped working.

  17. @ArunB
    I just tried it on my end.. I get the msg's each time I select PDA, OPS, PHONE, BOOT etc. but don't get the stopped working msg.
    can u try one more time???
    just go slow, wait the md5 file gets verified it sometimes can take longer time..

  18. Finally, it worked on the third try, flashing is DONE. :D

    Thank you very much for helping me all the way.

    This worked great.

  19. @ArunB
    Gr8!! Congrats on successfully updating to 2.2 Froyo..
    I hope you have changed locale to English(UK) as I shown in the post.
    Also let me know if you face any issues..
    You can subscribe to my blog via rss feed or via email.

  20. Yeah.. I saw that image too.. That is really useful.

    Sure, I should subscribe.

    Hope you get Gngerbird also soon... ;)

    My phone is fast enough now... But lost all my installed applications.

    Once again thank you very much.

  21. Live Wallpapers isn't working. Can you help me with this one too?

  22. @ArunB
    Live wallpapers is not supported by Galaxy 3!!
    It was neither present in 2.1 nor is it present in 2.2 :(
    The processor n ram are the culprit here..

  23. @Gautam

    Oops... I found one way of getting it done.

    Does "Voice Search" work in Galaxy 3? When I try it, it is saying "Connection problem".

  24. @ArunB
    Let me know the performance of live wallpapers on Galaxy3 also the battery back up..

  25. I am not using it continuously.... Will try and let you know.

    The Voice Search app is working sometimes (1 out of 10-15 times). Not sure why.

  26. @ArunB

    Voice Search is working perfectly at my end!!
    Try speaking slowly and more clearly...

  27. Whenever I open the app, it is saying "Connection problem"

  28. hey gautam thanks for the info. I updated to froyo using this guide and rooted my i5801. Do you know how to get rid of the preinstalled chinese apps?

    I tried some root uninstallers but i couldnt uninstall them. also how to update to the official froyo whenever samsung releases it?

  29. @ArunB
    I have not rooted my Galaxy 3.
    So the pre-installed apps are still there.

    For getting the official froyo you can simply install the 2.1 rom on this.
    Once you do that u'll get the update from Kies.

  30. @ArunB
    Strange problem with your Voice Search.
    Ensure that you are connected to internet via 2G/3G/Wi-Fi be4 trying voice search.
    Voice search only seems to work when you are connected to internet. :)

  31. @Anonymous
    I am able to uninstall all the Chinese apps using the root uninstaller.

    Can you provide me the 2.1 FW? I have downloaded the fw from, and it doesn't have the files required for Odin.

  32. @Anonymous
    I have not rooted my Galaxy 3.
    So the pre-installed apps are still there.

    For getting the official froyo you can simply install the 2.1 rom on this.
    Once you do that u'll get the update from Kies.

  33. @ArunB
    sure!! I'll give u link to 2.1 FW.
    are you facing ne problems with 2.2???
    I suggest you to use 2.2 only!!
    Much faster n smoother.
    Battery back up has also increased marginally..

  34. @Gautam

    Applications are crashing very frequently...

    But overall, my phone gained some speed after upgrading.

    Actually I have hell lot of problems with battery backup. Hope this upgrade solves them.

  35. after restarting the phone a couple of times i could uninstall those chinese apps. Also as of now i have not faced any problems with this 2.2 version.

    @arun -- i read somewhere that you have to do a factory reset once you flash 2.2 on g3. this might sole your problems

    @gautam - does flashing 2.1 rom mean that use the procedure mentioned here and use odin to flash the 2.1 firmware (downloaded from samfirmware)?


  36. @Anonymous, ArunB
    I have provided the instructions to revert back to 2.1 from 2.2.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

  37. @Anonymous
    Is there any specific reason you want to downgrade to 2.1???
    Let me know the problems you are facing if any..


  38. @ArunB
    I have had the least crashes on 2.2 (ZHJPF) firmware.
    Can u tell me for which apps you are facing problem(s)???


  39. @Gautam

    Thanks for 2.1 instructions.

    We may have to go back to 2.1, just to install the official upgrade. :)

    When I face the problem again, I will make a note of it and let you know.

    Another question... Will we ever get Gingerbird on SG3??? (Even custom ROM, I don't expect it from Samsung anyway)

  40. @ArunB
    ur rite.. There will not be an official update for sure.. :(
    custom roms possible in future.. but I don't think any devs are working on it as of now.. :(
    Will let you know as n when I find out more.. :)

  41. @gautam
    nah... i dont want to go back to 2.1... everything working good as of now on 2.2... just wanted to know the procedure in case i face problems later on...

    maybe i wont even revert back to 2.1 for official update.... instead i will prefer flashing the official update whenever its released(if thats possible)...

    thanks guys for your inputs...


  42. @Anonymous
    Yup!! That is possible..
    Just flash the Indian 2.2 rom as n when it comes on top of this 2.2

    As it is upgrading via Kies is very painful IMO..

  43. Not able open "Download Mode"...After I hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously...I get 4 options:1.reboot system now.2.apply sdcard data/factory reset.4.wipe cache partition!!!!!!!!

  44. @Subash
    You are pressing the volume up button instead of volume down..
    The menu that you are able to see is the recovery menu..

    Kindly press volume down + menu button + power button to enter download mode..

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. It worked...Thanks.

  47. @Subash
    Gr8!! Let me know if you have any issues...

  48. Hi My Internet Browser doesnt work anymore. Cant open any websites though my data is working fine. Can update facebook, twitter everything but no sites open on the default browser. Please advise.

  49. @Jal
    Its strange!! No one else is facing this problem..
    You can try the following things:
    1. Have u tried restarting your phone if not, try doing that and then open your browser

    2. If that didn't help then you can turn off your mobile then, press power button + volume up button + menu button simultaneously, this will take you to the recovery menu..

    2.1 In recovery menu, you can use your volume keys to navigate up/down & menu key to select a particular option
    2.2 You need to select the option "wipe data/factory", this will reset all data from your phone though..
    2.3 Then reboot the phone by selecting "reboot system now" from menu

    Note:If none of the above mentioned steps work then you need to reflash the firmware..

    This could be the result of a bad flash..

  50. Thanks a lot mate , it works beautifully for me .
    also is there any way 2.2 can be rooted on galaxy 3 ?

  51. hey gautam i am using g3 and facing hell lot of problems...
    i m still using the original FW that i got with this phone.
    but the problem is it is extremely slow.
    default messaging, contacts and music player as well as the dialer takes more then 30 long sec to open....
    i am sick of this phone now....
    i heard that flashing it to 2.2 will solve the problem.
    but i dont know how to flash it.
    i am not at all confident about doing it.
    can you please help me out?

  52. @Tanay
    This 2.2 firmware is very gud I'm sure u'll find performace improvement over 2.1.
    I hv provided the tutorial to upgrade G3 in this post..
    You simply need to follow it n I'm sure u'll have no issues.
    If you still need my help I'll guide you through the process..

  53. @Anonymous
    You can definitely root your Galaxy 3..
    To do so follow the instructions mentioned here.

  54. @Tanay

    Performance of 2.2 is really good when compared to 2.1 and this FW working great.

  55. @ArunB
    Thanks for feedback!!
    @Tanay let me knw if you have ne issues while flashing..

  56. Very clear instructions... Appreciate your help on this. Only problem i see is to setup Data connection. I do not see data connection icon after upgrading. Do i have to download the settings again? I am using Airtel - Andhra Pradesh.

  57. @Lakshman
    Thanks man!
    Yup! you need to get setting from Airtel.
    You can manually configure if you knw the settings from Settings->Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names and create a new apn.

    Let me know if you have any issues..

  58. I already did :) everything works like a charm. I really appreciate your work.. Thanks again.. Between are you using Galaxy 3 as well?

  59. @Lakshman
    My brother is using Galaxy 3, I have a Galaxy S..

  60. @Gautam

    Is flash working on Galaxy 3?

  61. Even GPS isn't working when I uncheck "Use wireless networks"! It takes too much time and says "Unable to find location"

  62. @ArunB

    Flash doesn't work! :(

    I'm not having issues with GPS.. Though I have tried it only with 3G on Tata Docomo..

    Are you on EDGE???

  63. @Gautam

    Will it work with the official upgrade or not?

  64. @ArunB
    Flash is not supported on Galaxy 3 processor. If Adobe includes support for this processor only then we will get flash..

    Seems very unlikely to me even in the official release.. :(

  65. I hav updated to froyo. ..
    but facing many problems like gps problem,phone hangs....
    plz help me out:’(

  66. i updated my phone in 2.2 froyo bt i m facing problum of gprs
    pls help me out

  67. tell me is it possible to update my samsung galaxy 3 into 2.3 andriod ?

  68. @Nikhil
    You need to manually configure GPRS/EDGE/3G settings.
    You can send an sms(generally Toll Free) to your service provider(operator) who can send u the settings for your phone.
    Can you provide more details about which network you are facing this issue?

  69. @Nikhil
    As of now only Galaxy S will be getting 2.3 officially..
    You never know Samsung might surprise Galaxy 3 users with a 2.3 update ;)

  70. @Anonymous
    You can try the following things:
    1. Have u tried restarting your phone if not, try doing that and then open your browser

    2. If that didn't help then you can turn off your mobile then, press power button + volume up button + menu button simultaneously, this will take you to the recovery menu..

    2.1 In recovery menu, you can use your volume keys to navigate up/down & menu key to select a particular option
    2.2 You need to select the option "wipe data/factory", this will reset all data from your phone though..
    2.3 Then reboot the phone by selecting "reboot system now" from menu

    Note:If none of the above mentioned steps work then you need to reflash the firmware..

    This could be the result of a bad flash..

  71. how to revert back to 2.1 from 2.2?? pls tell me how

  72. i already have gprs setting bt i cant open any site

  73. @Nikhil
    You can follow the instructions here to revert back to 2.1.

    I would like to know why you wish to revert back to 2.1???
    According to me 2.2 is a lot smoother than faster than 2.1...

  74. u can mail u on or

  75. yap i knw tht its very smooth thn 2.1 bt in 2.1 i alteast use my net bt in this i cant

  76. @Nikhil
    Try these settings for GPRS be4 reverting to 2.1

    Name: Videocon

    Let me know if it worked!

  77. hey bro i already hve tht setting bt i cant open any site

  78. @Nikhil
    It is only a setting issue.
    Once you get the rite settings you wont have any issues IMO.

    If you still wish to revert to 2.1 follow instructions given in this link

  79. @Nikhil
    Do you see G or E in the bar at the top besides the signal strength indicator???

  80. @Nikhil
    Can you use other applications that use internet??
    Like gtalk, market, gmail, maps???

    Kindly try that and let me know...

  81. i cant use any apps which use net

  82. @Nikhil
    Well I have somewhat gud news!!
    Flash your cell back to 2.1 from here.
    As I just got confirmation that Samsung Galaxy 3 got a 2.2 official upgrade over Kies.

    You just need to flash 2.1 and then upgrade via Kies to 2.2 Froyo - India via Kies.

  83. okkkk tel me how to 2.2 from kies

  84. @Nikhil
    You need to downgrade to 2.1 DDJP6 which is the original firmware for Galaxy 3 in India.
    Only when u do that you will get the update via Kies.

    Updating via Kies is very simple. Simply connect your phone to PC n start Kies.
    Kies will prompt you for a new software update.
    Just follow the on screen instructions and you will have 2.2 Official version on your Galaxy 3 :)

  85. well if is it true thts gud for me thnxs bro by the way

  86. @Nikhil
    You are welcome!
    I'm from Pune!

  87. can u tell me some awesome apps for g3

  88. @Nikhil
    You can check out the Must have apps on your Android!!

    I'll be making a new post for new apps on Galaxy3!
    Stay Glued to the blog for more on this...

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, you can also follow my blog! for latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  89. It is amazing I just upgraded my device to Android 2.2
    Good kick off. Thanks all

  90. @Jenith
    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, you can also follow my blog! for latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  91. i noticed that although you have stated in this guide that we are installing ZHJPF which is the latest, the download link above contains ZFJPE. JPE was compiled in feb 2011 and JPF in march 2011. so using this guide i have JPE now.. can you confirm this please?

  92. @Anonymous
    Thanks for pointing that out!
    I understand you you are saying, the ZFJPE firmware size is 118.2Mb and that of ZFJPF is 118.3Mb.
    IMO ZFJPF has the same baseband as that of JPE but something must have changed or enhanced.

    I'll try to find out more info on this and get back to you..

  93. Because of this thread I upgraded to Chinese Android image 2.2 to my phone. Then I found some issues and disgusting logo, app there. So I downgraded to Android India 2.1 flash image.

    As I am obsessed with 2.2, I liked to get 2.2. Using Samsung Kies (it has recent Android firmware upgrade for India as Gautam stated) I am upgraded with 2.2 Android India version

    Thanks for make me playing on Android upgrade openly

  94. @Jenith
    I'm happy you got what you wanted!

    I'm sure with this Kies update you will no longer have any issues with 2.2.

  95. hi gautam
    do you know the firmware version of the official indian froyo update?
    I dont want to downgrade to 2.1 just for the indian update.... is their any chance that we can flash the indian update directly from the chinese version if its available for download?

  96. @Anonymous
    The official froyo update for India is DDJP2.
    This firmware is not available to download as of now.
    But it will be available in some time.

    My suggestion is if you are not having issues with ZHJPF then better wait till the ODIN firmware is available and then flash that firmware over existing 2.2(ZHJPF).

    I'll update once the firmware is available to download as of now Kies is the only way to update to 2.2 Froyo(DDJP2-India).

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, you can also follow my blog! for latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  97. @gautam
    never mind mate...i downgraded and upgraded to the indian firmware....

    but do keep us updated as to when the firmware is available for download so if i face any software problems in future i can directly flash the firmware instead of goin to a samsung service centre....
    thanks for your help

  98. @Nikhil
    Can you elaborate a bit more???
    What problem are you facing???

  99. @Anonymous
    Sure thing!!

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, you can also follow my blog! for latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  100. i click on upgrade firmwave n thn a box open n in tht it is written tht this version cannot b updated

  101. @Nikhil
    Did you downgrade to 2.1 DDJG6 by following instructions here???
    Only when you downgrade your firmware you can be eligible for Kies update of 2.2 i.e. DDJP2.

    You can check the complete guide of upgrading to DDJP2 via Kies here!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions...

  102. ok i m using other version kies i think thts y the problem is coming now i m downloading ur kies

  103. @Nikhil
    Sure try that and let me know if ur still facing issues..

  104. can u tell me more interseting things do with my g3

  105. with this version of kies can i use internet with my videocon sim in my previos version i cant use net with videocon bez whn i select india countryy videocon is nt there

  106. with this version of kies can i use internet with my videocon sim in my previos version i cant use net with videocon bez whn i select india countryy videocon is nt there

  107. @Nikhil
    I have never used Videocon ever in my lyf!
    I will be the wrong person to answer that question..
    But I guess you can manually configure your settings and should be able to use it..

    Also if you have a laptop then you can use your mobile as portable hotspot and using Wi-Fi on ur laptop access your mobile's net without connecting the device to the laptop via USB!

    This feature is called Mobile AP and is present in 2.2+ Android OS.

  108. @gautam
    i updated to the official froyo after downgradng from the chinese version and swype is no longer working...

    i get this error - the Swype package you installed is configured for another device and will work with limited functionality. please contact swype about this issue.

    swype was working fine on the chinese 2.2.. are you experiencing this problem?

  109. @Anonymous
    I don't get this error msg, but my swype doesn't work.. :(

    ZHJPF is much better than the official DDJP2 Indian update..

    Let me know if you find ne other issues with DDJP2..

  110. even i didnt get that error message at first....
    this is how i got the error message...
    got to messaging>>new message
    changed input method to samsung keypad
    then changed the input method to swype
    then i tried to type the first word using skype and i got that error...

    you can try and check whether you get that message..

    btw you on JP2 or JPF?

  111. @Anonymous
    I'm currently on DDJP2 but planning to install ZHJPF again..
    I find it much more smoother and faster than DDJP2, also Swype doesn't work on DDJP2. :(

    DDJP2 doesn't seems more like a beta rom or half finished rom which Samsung has pushed without through testing.. :(

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  112. yeah rite...even i am planning to flash JPF was much stable and better than the indian firmware...

    btw have you tried any custom ROM for ur phone?....some ROMs are really great and help g3 work up its true potential...The ROM on the following link is very good as said by the comments...

    also please do mention here if you do flash back to ZHJPF..


  113. @RN
    I have not flashed custom ROM till now..
    This rom looks pretty gud..
    Quadrant score is 200 more than stock rom..
    Will give it a try soon..

    I'll still use DDJP2 for a few days!!
    Will let you know if I flash back to ZHJPF!!

  114. also let us know if you try out any custom ROMs(maybe with step by step guide). There are a couple of nice custom ROMs available for g3..


  115. hey gautam.
    can I use this same guide for flashing to ZHJPF from DDJP2?? or do I need to follow any different steps as I am flashing from a froyo firmware to another froyo firmware.
    or do i need to flash the 2.1 DDJG6 firmware first and then flash to JPF using this guide.

    I am facing some problems with the DDJP2 firmware. swype is not working and I am geting some crackling noises when listening to music in the music player if i touch the screen while playing music. ZHJPF was working without any of these problems.

    I want to flash back to ZHJPF and stick to it permanently. please reply if possible. thanks...

  116. @Rigved
    No need to flash 2.1, You can directly follow the steps here to flash ZHJPF 2.2.

    DDJP2 seems to have some issues!!
    Swype is not working because there are no language packs installed on DDJP2.
    I'm unaware about the music player issue.

    Let me know if u face ne issues while installing ZHJPF..

  117. @gautam.
    the music player problem is completetly random.. i get some mild crackling noise intermittently when i unlock the lock screen, lock the screen(by pressing power key) etc while listening to music...
    its a minor problem and maybe thats why many might not notice it... but it has become too annoying for me...

    i dont think samsung will be issuing any future updates or bugfixes anymore for the i5800/5801..
    i will try flashing JPF when i get time...will report back...thanks..

  118. @Rigved
    Yep! Samsung wont be issuing any fixes for the DDJP2 any time sooner.

    I'm sure ZHJPF is a better choice at the moment..

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, you can also follow my blog! for latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  119. @gautam
    i downloaded the DDJP2 firmware from samfirwares but it contains only one tar file and no PDA, BOOT, CSC files. how do i flash to DDJP2 firmware using odin without those files?? also is the ops file the same for i5801 for all firmwares?

    i found a guide here. is this the way to do it?

    do you know the difference between flashing using boot,pda,csc files and flashing by using one package?

  120. @Rigved
    There is not much of a difference!
    You can follow my steps for downgrading 2.1 DDJG6 here, which is also a one file firmware to flash 2.2 DDJP2 which you have downloaded..

    But if you are already on 2.2 ZHJPF then you need to first downgrade to 2.1 before flashing to 2.2 DDJP2.

    Let me know if you have any questions..

  121. yeah i flashed to JPF but i found that the crackling noise in music player is present in JPF too...never noticed it before... also in JPF, camera has no option to turn off shutter sound.... the option to turn off shutter sound is present in JP2...

    and some guys on xda-developers have posted the method to get swype working on JP2..

    so if i get this correctly, from JPF i will have to downgrade to 2.1 and then update from 2.1 to 2.2 via kies or flash JP2 from 2.1 rite?
    .... thanks

  122. @Rigved
    Gr8! Can you provide link for getting Swype working??? Other ppl can make use of it as well..

    Yup! You can either upgrade via Kies or flash using ODIN.

    ODIN method is faster IMO..

    Let me know how the entire process goes..

  123. for swype on JP2 check the detailed steps by the user 'satyamsit' over here

    but it requires to root your phone first. info on how to root is here

  124. @Rigved
    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I'm sure G3 users will be happy to know there is a way to make Swype working..

  125. thanks for your help mate...downgraded to 2.1 and used odin to flash to 2.2 DDJP2...was way easier and quicker than kies... rooted and tried the method in above link and got swype working... everything is good now...

  126. @Rigved
    You are welcome!

    I just installed Swype on G3, no problems so for... :)

  127. Hi,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 and I upgraded the s/w to Froyo 2.2 recently.
    Problem here is - though I am terminating the application from Task Manager and

    Advanced Task Killer (downloaded from Market), applications are restarting themselves,

    by which battery consumption is so more. Battery is dried very quickly.

    Note: I have used Advanced Task Killer on first version of android and it is worked


    Thanks in advance.

  128. hey dude thanx a lot fr ur work.. m really very happy for this 2.2 ZJPF..
    can you tell me how to remove that chinese Fareastone logo that appears on start up...
    it will be very nice of you if u can mail me ,,
    ma email id is

  129. @Shrinivas
    If you are using certain applications that need to be on to provide push notifications like yahoo, twitter, gmail, gtalk, etc.

    Such applications will open up e1 if u kill then using Advance Task Killer to continue providing push notifications...

    I hope you understand wht I'm trying to say here..

    Also can you tell the applications with which you are facing this issue???

  130. @Jeetu
    Its not very often that we restart our phones, n that image only comes when u restart your phone.
    I suggest instead of messing around with the firmware be happy with the way things are..

    If you still want to know I can find out and let u knw...

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  131. @Gautam - Thank you for your response.
    GMail, GTalk, FaceBook, Gallery, etc are opening again and again.
    Could you suggest any secure android apps which can handle these problems.

  132. @Srinivas
    This is because your sync is on..
    Disable sync to close Gmail, Gtalk and Facebook.

    Regarding Gallery I'll check and let you know!

  133. @Srinivas
    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  134. Vineet

    I have flashed my galaxy 3 with chinese firmware provided by you. But there is a problem that volume keys are not working to silent incoming calls.

  135. @Vineet
    I have not tested if silencing incoming calls is working or not!
    Thanks for pointing it out!
    May be someone who is currently on ZHJPF will be able to test and confirm it..
    I'm currently on DDJP2 firmware!

  136. One more issue with chinese foryo that g3's handsfree not working properly now. Bass effect is almost gone. I tried walkman's handsfree which is working quite fine

  137. hey gautam...
    i am running indroid 3.0 but want to go back to zfjp3
    i tried flashing it over the rom but it didnt work....should i flash the eclair first n then zfjp3?

  138. @ShAdY
    are you facing any issues with indroid 3.0??

    I have not tried flashing stock rom from a custom one..
    Will give a try and let u know..

  139. @gautham:
    I m using the Indian version of froyo .So to get this chinese one should i revert it to 2.1?
    And wat all should i backup cos some of my apps are in the sd card??

  140. @Gautum

    Its cool.
    Thanks dude.

  141. @Gautam
    I'm using ZFJPE now.

    No camera, GPS issues. Its smooth.

    But i felt my data connection becomes slow in this ROM.This may be a issue with my service provider too.

    Just wanna know anyone else faced this issue?

    I'll update if my speed becomes normal.

  142. This comment has been removed by the author.

  143. @Gautam,

    I faced this issue in many firmwares (2.1 & 2.2).
    I'll use in my PC browser to install apps to my device.
    It'll start download in my phone, once it reaches 100% it'll disappear. Nothing will happen at all. But it'll shown as "Installed" in my device market.

    But actually will not be installed or available to use.
    Any help regd this?


  144. hi Gautam,
    I want to flash my i5801 2.1 to ZHJPF.
    but my phone is rooted should i unroot or just flash my phone?
    please reply

  145. @Anand
    I don't know what may be causing that issue...
    I'll try to find and let you know...

  146. @Sudhir
    It is always recommended that your unroot be4 flashing your phone!!

    If you are unable to do so you can directly flash to ZHJPF you will lose root after flash..

  147. is ZHJPF a official version of samsung

  148. @Vishal
    ZHJPF is a Chinese official version not official for India!

    It is a lot better than DDJP2!

  149. the phone file APOLLO_FET_REV_00_phone is zip fil.Should i select the zip file because after opening it odin does not detect it

  150. Hello, I updated to 2.2 on my g3.
    The battery drains very fast... Not even 4hrs backup I get. I downloaded fw from your link. I use my phone in 3g mode.
    Please help...


  151. hey gautam....
    i jst upgraded my g3 to 2.2 DDJP2....
    bt soon after my music player is force closing and my fone is restarting frequently....
    wat should i do.....???

  152. @Prashant
    Wipe data and cache from recovery and restart your phone! That should solve the problem.. :)

  153. @vishal_wind
    On 3g battery drain is higher compared to 2g! How much back up are you getting with 3g always on???

  154. @Prashant
    Turn off your phone!
    Then press volume up + menu button + power button simultaneously!
    Once you see something on screen release the buttons.
    Now there will be a menu the second option will be to wipe data and cache. You need to navigate to that using volume down button.
    to select that option press menu button.
    Once you press menu button, it will ask you to confirm your choice and you need to navigate to yes and press menu button now simply reboot your phone!!

    NOTE: You will lose all installed applications, contacts, messages etc on your phone.
    Kindly take a backup of all necessary things be4 proceeding..

    Let me know if you still have questions...

  155. its still downloading something......????

  156. i havnt rooted my fone yet.....
    should i hv to root it before proceeding......????

  157. @Prashant
    You must have pressed volume down instead of volume up!

    Kindly turn off the phone by pressing the power button, then press and hold volume up + menu button + power button, You must see a recovery menu!

  158. @Prashant
    Just take backup of your data like messages and contacts!

    using any application available on market!

    No need to root your phone for this!

  159. its written something like.....
    forced upload by key pressing.....????

  160. nd its not proceeding after dat..... :(

  161. @Prashant
    Did u try turning off the phone???
    If not turn off and try going to recovery mode!

    You are already on 2.2 rite???

    You just get force close on opening music player?

  162. ya i did turn off.....
    nd i hv tried thrice bt still getting d same note.....forced upload by key pressing....

    nd ya m on 2.2 rite now.....

  163. @Prashant
    So now when you turn off the phone are you able to switch it on again???

    As in turn on the phone normally(not in recovery)???

  164. yes it turned on.....

    i think i mite reinstall 2.2....
    so wat wud u prefer ddjp2 or zhjpf....????

  165. @Prashant
    ZHJPF over DDJP2!!

    just try to do a factory reset from settings -> privacy ->Factory data reset and see if your music player issue gets solved!

  166. so it didnt.....
    still its d same.....
    nd m still getting d same screen....forced upload by key pressing.....

  167. How to upgrade to froyo. I'm still on eclair. Pls tell safest way to upgrade to bug free froyo(because indian version has lot of bugs) without bricking my phone.

  168. @gautam
    what are the advantages of ZHJPF over DDJP2.

  169. i followed all the steps mentioned above and successfully flashed ZHJPF, its great. G3 has become much faster now and it is very stable.
    thanks for all the steps and for posting the details and reviews, it was of great help.

  170. @Gautam
    can you please give us step by step inst to install InDroid ROM and FugMod Kernal. Coz i find very low info on the other forums,
    I need a step by step inst like the above.
    Coz they said FugMod kernal and Indroid can give 1% of battery indicator levels.


  171. @gautam: u had asked me about battery life in 3g mode... I get not more than 3 hrs. Also battery gets heated up too much. Now it has also bulged a bit, as I have to struggle to put the rare panel. I use DOCOMO 3G KARNATAKA.

  172. hi gautam..

    i want to say thanks for u cuz now i've been upgraded to froyo...

  173. @ Gautam : Hello Gautam,just updated my Galaxy 3 to 2.2.....the music player is not working,it stucks,freezes and crashes....had updated in via kies,then i had also flashed it using the firmware from samfirmware.....replaced the MusicPlayer.apk from /system/app using root explorer,tried 2 different new roms aswell,cleared the cache,hard reset it a dozen times,cleared the .flac files.....done everything....still no use.....can you advise me how to get this working????????

  174. Try upgrading to 2.2 and see if the problem gets solved! This is mostly due to some software issue.

  175. i own GALAXY 3( GT - I5801) and it is getting reset(Factory data reset) every time it is switch off ( and On later).

    Any solution to it..
    it is having 2.1 Update1

  176. i have already updated my phone with zhjpf. there is not portable hotspot wifi option available in the teethering option also my phone is connected with kies. Can I update the indian 2.2 ddjp2 without downgrading to 2.1 via odin.


  177. Yes! you can directly flash Indian Froyo using ODIN, follow instructions mentioned here.

  178. hello  sir i want to update my android 2.1-update1 to 2.2 and i'm in india please tell what i do

  179. hello sir ,
    i want to upgrade my android 2.1update1 to 2.2 plese tell how to do
    and i'm india and i'm use samsung galaxy3 gt-I5801

  180. hello sir,
    i want to upate my android 2.1update1 to 2.2 please tell how to do and i'm use samsung galaxy gt-I5801  and india

  181. You can follow the instructions for upgrading your Galaxy 3 to 2.2 Froyo using this link.
    If you have more questions, feel free to ask..

  182. thankx gautam ...........i'm sucessfully update froyo.......................happy new year dear gautam.........................

  183. hi gautam......
    i'm download froyo suceesfully this link but when download app in market not display memory card install app option and how to download flash player

  184. i gautam....i updated my i5801 to 2.2 by following ur suggetions...but after that my internet based apps and market are not connecting through my data connection..but they are connecting if a wifi network is available......please help me.. :( 

  185. Can you provide download link for Odin multidownloader 4.252? Link above is not working.

  186. has any 1 tried New firmware for galaxy 3 2.2 called ZFJPH something its on samfirmware realeased in june 2011

  187. The file has been removed from depost files. Please post another link.


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