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Downgrading Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 to 2.1 (DDJG6-INDIA)

A lot of people wanted to know how to downgrade I5801 from 2.2 to 2.1.
If you wish to revert back to 2.1 once you get the official update from Samsung, here is how you can do it...

You need to flash the 2.1 firmware on top of any firmware.

Here I'm going to show how to flash the 2.1 firmware (DDJG6-INDIA) on your Galaxy3.

For installing any firmware on Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801(Apollo) you need the following prerequisites:
  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your Samsung Galaxy 3 installed on the desktop. (To do so simply install Samsung Kies from Samsung's official website)
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously
  4. The next important point is to download the I5801DDJG6_Complete_Package.
Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now install DDJG6 on your Samsung Galaxy 3 in a few minutes.

Extract I5801DDJG6_Complete_Package.rar file with the password "".

On extraction, you will find a folder named "I5801DDJG6_Complete_Package" inside that folder there will be 1 folder("I5801DDJG6") and 2 files("apollo_0531.ops", "I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe").

Inside the I5801DDJG6 folder there will be a single file by the name of "I5801DDJG6.tar", this is file we are interested in and is the actual firmware which we will be using later during flashing.

Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  2. Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.
  3. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  4. Flashing Steps:
    1. In ODIN Multi Downloader, there is an option "One Package" you need to have that ticked.
    2. The next step is the select the OPS and One Package files
      1. Select the "apollo_0531.ops" file in OPS.
      2. Select the "I5801DDJG6.tar" file by clicking One Package button at the bottom.

    3. Click on Start wait till you see pass in ODIN before you unplug your phone.
Congratulations!! You have successfully installed 2.1 DDJG6 firmware on your Samsung Galaxy 3.You can now upgrade your phone via Kies once the update is available.


  1. Thanks a lot!!!
    This was really helpful...

  2. @Kiran
    Glad that you found it useful!!
    Let me know if you have any issues while downgrading..

  3. Is there any way that will help me make my phone look like it has an indian rom and deceit kies without flashing my phone.My phone has the rom that was preinstalled and it runs android 2.1

  4. @T.G.S
    Flashing this firmware will make your phone run 2.1 with Indian CSC!
    You can directly install 2.2 DDJP2 via ODIN from here.

  5. my phone got stuck when updating to 2.2 foryo indian doesnot start n it shows copyin error on bootig screen ...what i have to do???

  6. @Shahim
    You can turn off the phone and enter download mode and start again!

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  8. hi..i found your blog really useful. My phone hangs pretty often n when someone calls me it automatically gets disconnected within few seconds...and it shows signal out sign.on the contrary when I call some 1 there is no disconnection..I am not sure whether others also facing similar problem. Can you help me what to do ?

  9. @ankzy
    Glad to hear that found it useful!
    Are u encountering this issue after flashing to DDJP2 via ODIN??
    Or is this a general question???

    I don't think anyone here is experiencing such issues!!

    Can you plz tell me little more so that we can try to find a solution...

  10. hi..i tried 2 downgrade my phone 2 android 2.1, but everytime i give it a try, it gives me an error...
    instead of showing a "pass" message in the message box, it gives an error as follows: "Cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5"
    Could u please help me out with a solution???

  11. thanx alot dude thats gr8 worked on my apollo....

  12. @Gagandeep
    Try this on a diff machine!
    I think that will solve the issue..

    Let me know if it worked..

  13. Hi Gautam,
    I tried if the download mode is working, It works but i haven't downloaded the files yet, so how do i get back to normal mode now..? :|

  14. hey.. after some time the phone restarted and got back to normal...! :D

  15. Gautam,
    I was having an older version and I updated to DDJG6 by following your instructions. They were really helpful. Thanks a lot...! :)

  16. it does not downgrade help me....after reboot it open 2.2 version

  17. @9871101661
    Can you tell me what exactly you are doing???

    I'm unable to figure out what you are trying to tell..

  18. @Swami
    Just turn off the phone from download mode!

    I'm glad u found it useful!

  19. Hi Gautam
    I am in UK and purchased I5800.I want to upgrade it to 2.2 can i follow the steps mentioned above.I tried via kies but the update doesn't popup on myscreen. Its showing latest firmware as 2.1. last week I spoke to samsung customer care but they said that 2.2 is released only for galaxy-s.

  20. @Shukur
    These are instructions for downgrading your phone to 2.1!
    Yes! 2.2 for Samsung galaxy 3 I5800 is already released for UK!

    You should be able to update it via Kies!

    For that you need to be on latest version of Kies... V2.0+

    Let me know if you have more questions..

  21. will this allow me to get the official 2.2 via kies.?? pls reply thanks :)

  22. @bubloo
    Yes! this is the official Indian firmware. You will get the Froyo 2.2 official update via Samsung Kies if you are on this firmware.

  23. Thanks for this post. Was able to downgrade and update to 2.2 via Kies.

  24. i am trying to flash 2.1 firmware (DDJG6-INDIA) in galaxy3 i5801. after extracting i5801ddjg6_complete_package I find 1 folder( I5801DDJG6)  and two files (apollo_0531.ops) and I5800_Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.252.exe").
     till now this is fine.  But inside the folder I5801DDJG6 there is two file one is "ss_dl.dll" other is a compressed file " I5801DDJG6 "after again extractiing the I5801DDJG6 there is five  files  cache.rfs, data.rfs,factoryfs.frs, modem.bin,  and zimage. insted of a single I5801DDJG6.tar file what should i do
    I did't find a single I5801DDJG6.tar file in the folder what should i do

  25. I want to downgrade my galaxy 3 from 2.2 to 2.1. Since 2.2 is sks.....but link "I5801DDJG6_Complete_Package" in this post is not working....Plz help

  26. PLZZ can you please provide me 5801DDJG6_Complete_Package.
    Because here is nothing to display.
    Please anybody have mail to me at


  27. hi,i hav upgraded my sg3 officially to froyo 2.2 from 2.1….can i upgrade to cyanogenmod 7 ??

    awaiting fo ur reply.thanQ


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