Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Swype working on I5801DDJP2

The latest update for Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 DDJP2 has some issues.

The most noticeable one is Swype keyboard not working!

Swype being the most fastest way for typing on the Galaxy 3, DDJP2 was a major disappointment for G3 users.

There is some good news though you can now get Swype working by following some simple instructions..

You can now get Swype working on DDJP2!
  1. Root your phone with Super One Click from here.
  2. Install Titanium BackUp.
  3. Wipe data and uninstall Swype from Titanium.
  4. Restart your G3.
  5. Opened and register.
  6. You will get an activation mail in inbox.
  7. Click on activation link, you will again get one mail with "swype installer" link in it.
  8. Install it & Open.
  9. Log in and it will give two options to download
    1. Swype Beta Full (10mb)
    2. Swype English/Spanish (2.5mb)
  10. Choose option 2. English/Spanish.
  11. Download and Install.
  12. Now go to Settings->rom locale and swype enable swype.
All credit goes to 'satyamsit' from XDA Developers, original link for instructions Swype-DDJP2.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


  1. What if i dont want to Root my device, is rooting safe, as in warranty ????

  2. @Lakshay
    You can just flash 2.1DDJG6 or 2.2DDJP2.
    Flashing new firmware will make ur cell as gud as new..
    you will still have your warranty intact..
    Once you install the swype you can unroot using the same software "Super One Click", to unroot ur phone..

    let me know if u have any questions..

  3. @Gautham
    wats this titanium backup thingy?? wer du u install it from??

  4. @Priyank
    Its an app! You can find it on Android market.

    You can use it backup all your applications installed on the phone you can also uninstall apps installed on the phone using this!

    In this case we will be using it to remove faulty swype version from the phone and reinstall the latest one from their official website..

  5. @Gautham
    oh thanx....
    n ya, whats the USB debugging mode, while rooting??

  6. @Priyank
    As the name suggests it sets the phone to debug mode used for development.

    It's used by developers to do things like debuging (checking for errors) an app running on an actual phone.

    In some cases you can use debug mode to root your phone, transfer files to SD card, etc..

  7. @Gautham
    i.e. jus pluging in the usb cable to ur fone n system ryt...
    thats it isnt it??

  8. @Gautham
    hehe oops..... i think im thinking too much even for simple things... :P

    im going to flash my fone in a yl for JP2 update... will let u know ..
    thanx for all the info. :)

  9. @Priyank
    Its OK! I always encourage ppl to ask more questions.. :)

    Let me know once you flash JP2!!

    You are welcome!!

  10. @Gautham
    hey, i finally flashed froyo successfully
    :) thanx alot.... but im not able to root my device... for swype.. :(

  11. Hi Gautam,
    I found this link.

    I will try it and tell wether it works or not...

  12. @Priyank
    Can you tell me the exact problem you get while rooting???

  13. @Anup
    Thanks for the link!
    I think the instructions mentioned here are enough for installing Swype on Galaxy 3!

  14. Sir please tell me which version is best chinese 2.2 or samsung released version? plz tell me.

  15. @gurpreet
    The Chinese version ZHJPF is more stable compared to DDJP2 IMO..

    If you don't want to root your phone n go through all the trouble to fix DDJP2 then I recommend ZHJPF..

  16. Ok thanxs lot i hv installed previously after reading ur blog bt it has 3 chinese application nd i wana remove them plz tel me hw i cn remove 4m my g3?

  17. Sir titanium backup hs key (rs. 220 aprx.) cn i use titanium backup without key? or is there any free alternative of titanium? Plz give ans. Of both questions.

  18. @gurpreet
    Titanium backup has a free version also, you need to have a rooted phone to use that though!!

    Using Titanium backup you can also remove apps pre-installed on the phone..

  19. In SWYPE official website, they mentioned to remove SWYPE from our phone just like an Android App, using the Managa Application service.

    Is it still necessary to use Titanium & to Root our phone?

  20. @Anand
    As Swype is pre-installed by Samsung and is deeply integrated in the firmware, I don't think you can remove it like a normal app.

    Hence the root to remove it.

  21. I m not getting d procedure 2 root my phone..
    i find it sth i m not used 2...seems i dont know anything about rooting...
    could u plz help me rooting my phone??
    or help me get SWYPE working in froyo, without rooting, if possible...else help out with a complete procedure 2 do everything...

  22. after ruting and doin dis stuff n unrooting th phone
    if i want 2 factory reset my phone wat happnes t stock swype will appear r wat hapnes can u plz tell me

  23. Thanks so much Gautam! You saved me a lot of hours that i was going to waste in absence of Swype :)

  24. can someone tell me what to do with titanium, i have rooted my device.

  25. how to uninstall swype using titanium?


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