Sunday, April 17, 2011

Installing official Gingerbread 2.3.3(XWJVB) on Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung rolled out its Gingerbread 2.3.3(XWJVB) update for Samsung Galaxy S via Kies for some European countries.

If you don't wish to upgrade your Galaxy S GT-I9000 over Kies then you can install Gingerbread 2.3.3(XWJVB) on your Galaxy S by following these instructions...

For updating Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000(SGS) to latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.3 you need the following prerequisites:
  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your SGS installed on the desktop. To do so simply install Samsung Kies. Samsung Kies version can be downloaded from here.
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously)
  4. The next important point is to download the firmware for upgrading. The official 2.3.3 Gingerbread is I9000XXJVB, here is the link for the firmware.(Password for rar file is firmware source
  5. You need to have ODIN v1.3(the software used to update your SGS), you can download ODIN v1.3 from here.
Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now upgrade your SGS to XXJVB in a few minutes.

Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Extract the firmware you will find a folder named "JVB-JV3-JVK" inside that folder there will be 3 files "CSC_I9000NEEJV3.tar.md5", "PDA_I9000XWJVB.tar.md5", "PHONE_I9000XXJVK.tar.md5".
  2. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  3. Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.
  4. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  6. Click on PDA and select the PDA file "PDA_I9000XWJVB.tar.md5" from extracted folder.
  7. Click on PHONE and select the PHONE file "PHONE_I9000XXJVK.tar.md5" from extracted folder.
  8. Click on CSC and select the CSC file "CSC_I9000NEEJV3.tar.md5" from extracted folder.(You should see something like this in odin)
  9. DO NOT tick Re-Partition.
  10. Check if both Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are ticked.(both are ticked by default)
  11. Press Start button to begin the flashing process.
  12. You will see the progress in both ODIN and your phone.
  13. Your phone will restart.(You should see green color in PASS and ID:COM fields)
    You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone and follow on screen instructions.
Congratulations! you have now successfully updated your SGS to the official 2.3.3 Gingerbread firmware(I9000XXJVB).

Here are some screenshots of the official Gingerbread 2.3.3(XWJVB)...

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!


  1. how the performance? this is the latest one than the I9000XXJVK ##?

    has the battery life improved and which extra features

  2. @Aliasgar
    XWJVB is the final release of 2.3.3 Gingerbread from Samsung!
    XXJVK was a beta leak!!
    Performance on XWJVB is very good! Just what you would expect from a final stable version.

    Battery backup is also pretty good!!
    I'm getting 14-18 hrs per day with EDGE on all the time syncing twitter/facebook/gmail updates.. moderate usage(music, video, browsing) other wise..

    I'm pretty sure it will last a complete day with moderate usage..

  3. Gautam! As always thanks for the Gingerbread :) and I am on it too!!! Just done the install;

    Keep us posted any tweeks/issues...

    Hope to be one more happy Android (Gingerbread) user

  4. Hey Gautam, after update noticed that none of my froyo installed apps are working. everything force closing! help please;

    also you may want to add a note that the data (like contacts) has to be backed up before install (sorry if one already you mentioned )

    how do i back port to froyo 2.2.1

  5. @IamCommonMan
    Gr8!! You are welcome!!

    I'm sure with all the support from Android community we will all be very happy users.. :)

  6. @IamCommonMan
    I don't understand the problem..

    Once you flash this Gingerbread you will lose all the data, contacts and apps installed...

    I'll add a note about backing the contacts and other data before flashing.(Thanks for the tip!)

    You need to re install all the apps, I have found all the apps working perfectly after upgrading.. not e1 a single force close error..

    Can you tell me which apps you are getting this force close errors???

    I recommend flashing the same firmware once again.. Some times due to bad flash certain things don't work perfectly!

    Let me know if you still want to downgrade..

  7. Gautam,

    Thanks for all your help,

    Was wondering since this is an European Release Wouldnt have conflict issues with networks & app? i use the phone here in india,


  8. @Aliasgar
    There is no conflict with network!

    You just have to install the setting manually for your Edge/3G..

    Apps will have to be re installed as this firmware will delete all your data, contacts and apps.

    Better make a backup before installing this firmware!

  9. Hey Gautam

    First off, let me say that your doing a fantastic job with the step by step instructions on how to install the various operating systems on galaxy S. I been searching the web for hours on getting a decent instruction and I landed upon yours and I found this to be the best

    I got a few questions...i want to install this so called "official" gingerbread 2.3.3 on my galaxy S. I jst wanted to know if its really official and stable. I am using 2.2.1 now and i find it way better than 2.2 and am really happy with it. I dont want to spend all the time in backing up everything and installin gingerbread only to find it later that its loaded with bugs lags and glitches and then just assume its BETA.

    Another question I want to ask is that if the android market works in this?...I been reading XDA forums and many people over the past have reported they dont have android market or it doesnt work.

    Last question, besides certain UI differences. What major improvements are there on 2.3.3 over 2.2.1? I have seen that it has 10mb lesser RAM. So does it affect the smoothness and stability that 2.2.1 has now??

    Thanks mate, cheers and keep up the good work


  10. @Paul
    Thanks!! I'm really glad that you found the instructions useful!

    This is an official build of 2.3.3 Gingerbread released for European countries via Kies, definitely not a BETA. :)

    I'm using it for the past couple of days and find it very stable no issues discovered so far!!
    It definitely worth all the efforts!!

    Android market works perfectly fine!

    The 2.3.3 has a more black scheme thus improving battery backup to some extent..
    The 10Mb RAM is utilized for proving better graphics..
    Definitely 2.3.3 has lots of internal bug fixes and improvements!!

    The most important thing is the browser has improved a lot compared to 2.2.1. You'll notice the difference as soon as you open the browser the smoothness in scrolling and pinch to zoom works like a charm in 2.3.3.

    I don't find the 10Mb RAM making much of difference the performance seems to be almost same overall and has significantly improved at some places!!

    Let me know if you have any more questions..

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  11. Yes reinstall worked!!! Need to reinstall all other apps post my work :) I thought of updating the same in the morning, but was getting late for work, so could not get back to you :)

    This is awesome! I am really liking gingerbread...

    Now we are on same page! and thanks for your prompt response (as always)

  12. Hey Gautam

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. I been trying to install the OS for the past 3 hours now but every time i connect the phone via usb it keeps showing USB device not recognized, its quiet frustrating. All the drivers are upto date. I have this issue numerous times

  13. @Paul
    Just restart your PC and try again.
    It happens sometimes...

  14. @IamCommonMan
    I'm glad ur happy with the 2.3.3 Gingerbread update!!

    Thanks for the feedback!!

  15. why is the difference in the kernal?

  16. @Aliasgar
    Difference from which kernel???
    Kindly elaborate ur question...

  17. I tried everything, restarting PC's, restarting phones etc etc. I used 3 different computers and it still shows USB not recognized, and yes the drivers on all the pcs are up to date. Generally I never use the USB wire to transfer any data onto my phone. I just use android wifi manager or an external SD card reader since Kies is really useless. Maybe its something to do with Froyo 2.2.1..thats why it aint connecting...

    baseband - i9000xxjq1
    build number - froyo.xwjs8

    Oh well...thanks for your help anyways

  18. @Paul
    If ur following the above mentioned instructions you don't need Kies..
    Once u enter download mode your phone has to get recognized in Odin..
    You can flash 2.3.3 easily using Odin..

    Let me know if that worked!!

  19. Yeah i tried everything from above. Download mode just isnt being recognized by WIndows 7. It keeps showing USB not recognized. Dont know why thats the issue, it worked perfectly well when i installed 2.2.1.

  20. @Paul
    Behavior of Kies is strange! Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't...

    I would request you to kindly follow these one last time..
    1. Uninstall all the versions of Kies from your computer.
    2. Also remove the Samsung Drivers Package from your computer.
    3. Now download and Kies version from here(If you have downloaded the same version then just install it again)
    4. Once you have installed Kies, now open Kies and go to Tools Menu and select Install drivers.
    5. Once the latest drivers are installed for your device RESTART your PC.
    6. Now try connecting your Galaxy S to the PC.

    If you are on XWJS8 2.2.1 then u'll directly get an update in Kies for XWJVB 2.3.3.

    I recommend the ODIN method as mentioned above..

    Note: If you don't wish to update via Kies then close the Kies software and the Kies agent as well before you start flashing via ODIN

    Let me know if it works this time..

  21. Will try that. The updates arent showing on kies. I guess thats because I stay in Bahrain. Till date they havent released Froyo in Bahrain. I had installed it through Odin...both 2.2 and 2.2.1 .... and when my phone is switched on .. it connects to kies on samsung kies mode ... but when i switch off the phone and go in download just doesnt recognize it...lemme try what you just mentioned....thanks

  22. @Paul
    Give it a try! Its like starting fresh from scratch..
    It should work IMO..

  23. Hello Gautam !!

    Thanks for all the support provided I have a question I was on 2.2 XXJP3 and I upgraded on the above version my question is the kernel version is not the same as the above screen shot what I have is root@DELL102 #2

    Experience that i keep getting these process stopped errors force close and display distorted and phone reboots , I have flashed it several times. Its an new hardware as is quiet stable on 2.2 XXJP3. Do I need to root my phone and then apply the above update.

    Also noticed that when i get into recovery mode it says -- applying multi-csc...
    installing multi-csc
    cant access to '/system/csc/NEE/system/'.
    sucessfully applied multi-csc

    Kindly Assist .

    Thanks For all your Efforts !!


  24. @Oliver
    I don't know how you got that version of the kernel but since the firmware version is XWJVB its not a problem that you got root@DELL102 #2 in kernel..

    Also rooting has nothing to do with the force close msgs.

    Have you ever installed any other firmware be4 XWJVB???

    Are you trying this on a I9000 international version???

  25. @Gautam

    Thanks for your reply !! Yes I tried Xwjvk but just would not work so I downgraded to 2.2 XXJP3 and it was quite stable and then I tried the official version 2.3.3 that is XWJVB.

    Yes its an international version.However how do I confirm that I bought it from UAE.

    Thanks again !!

  26. @Oliver
    Just check in About phone, I think it should be GT-I9000 only!

    Also I'm not sure y ur unable to install XWJVB..

    I'm assuming you are currently on 2.2 XXJP3.
    Can u flash XWJVB one last time following the procedure???

    Let me know if works this time..

    Sometimes due to bad flash it doesn't work as expected!

  27. @Gautam

    Yes Its GT-I9000 Only.

    I am able to clean flash XWJVB without any issues.but run into process issues and then today I cannot get Microsoft exchange account to work it says " Unable to open Connection to server due to security error "

    Gmail & yahoo accounts work fine.

    How do I start from scratch like wipeing all the partition and getting into a version that would let kies update it.

  28. Downgrade to 2.2 XXJP3.

    Which pit do u use for downgrading??? .512??? or ne other???

    Then you can try flashing 2.2.1 XWJS8 from here.

    Once you are on 2.2.1 you can upgrade via Kies to 2.3.3 XWJVB..

  29. @Gautam

    Yes I use PIT 512.

    Ok so I use PIT 512 with ROM XWJS8. Do I need to tick re-partion or bootloader ??

  30. @Oliver
    Ya just pit 512 no need to tick re-partition..
    Let me know how it goes..

  31. @Gautam

    Sir I am on 2.2.1 FROYO.XWJS8 now kies detects my phone and says this is the latest firmware I dont get any upgrade option.

  32. @Oliver
    Are you getting any force close issues you were getting in 2.3.3???
    also is your exchange working???

    I'm assuming you are on the latest version of Samsung Kies version, if not it can be downloaded from here.

  33. Hi there fellow galaxy s owners. just want to know if this firmware has already resolved the touch key lighting issue found in the previous 2.3.3 firmware?

    thanks in advance :)

  34. @Gerard
    I'm unaware of the issue you are talking abt here..
    Can u plz elaborate a little more, thanks..

  35. Hi Guatam, thanks for the reply. In 2.3.3 xxjvk there is a minor bug (as they call it) that the touch key led always lit as long as the screen is lit. Im actually experiencing it right now (just updated from xxjvk to xwjvb.

    Im eager to try flashing using the rom posted her. Im not really bothered about it but im willing to flash my phone again to fix it.

    thanks again bro :)

  36. @Gerard
    I have never noticed it but now that you mention it I checked it and it stays lit as long as the screen is on..

    I don't think that is a bug.

    Although I have not observed it carefully in the previous versions of android (2.2 r 2.2.1) so I don't know if stays on in this version only or it was the same in previous versions as well...

    Thanks for pointing out though!!

  37. @Gerard
    You are welcome!! Its Gautam not Guatam ;)

  38. i have a kernal version which is I9000XWJVB-CL118186

    it differs from the images posted on the blog
    is der any solution?

  39. @Aliasgar
    I really don't knw y that is so..
    There is another guy who has the same version of kernel as you!
    Everything is working fine rite???
    As the firmware is I9000XWJVB it makes more sense that you get kernel related to XWJVB!!

    I'll try flashing my device again to see if I get the same kernel..

    May be because I upgraded from XXJVK I still have the JVK kernel.. I'll check that n get back to you..

    Let me know if you are facing ne issues..

  40. @Gautam

    yes i am seeing some force close errors after a reboot didnt see much of those how do i verify the health of my internal flash and I am unable to connect to my exchange, need to check on the exchange admin for any security issues as I might have got blocked as I kept initiating connections to it.

    Yes I do have the latest Kies and the version that you mentioned.

    Software version:I9000XWJS8/I9000NEEJS1/I9000XXJQ1/I9000XWJS8

    Product code: GT-I9000HKYNEE

    I am not in Europe would that matter ?

    Should I try my luck via odin3 v1.3

    Thanks mate !!

  41. @Oliver
    I had installed XWJS8 n I got the upgrade to 2.3.3 XWJVB without any regedit..

    Also if you still don't get the update try ODIN that is the simplest n the best way to upgrade IMO..

  42. Thanks bro,

    It was very well bo issues yet
    incase y find anything relating the kernal pls let me know

  43. @Aliasgar
    I have found out y I have JVK as kernel.
    Coz I have flashed a custom kernel based on JVK which had root in it and CWM..
    Hence the JVK kernel..

    I've flashed back to stock XWJVB and now its the same as wht u have...

    I'll update the screenshot to avoid further confusion..

    Thanks again for pointing tht out!!

  44. @Gautam & Boarders :

    Thanks Gautam for all the support !!

    I finally had it working on 2.3.3 on XXJVB

    Following were the synposis:

    1. Installed Rom 2.2 XXJP3 with PIT 512 and re-partion ticked.let the phone boot up completely and gracefully switch off.
    2.Enter recovery mode and wipe cache partition.
    3.Installed ROM XWJS8 WITHOUT PIT AND UNTICKED the phone boot up completely and gracefully switch off.
    4.Enter recovery mode and wipe cache partition.
    5.Installed ROM XXJVB (3 files) WITHOUT PIT AND UNTICKED PARTITION.let the phone boot up completely and gracefully switch off.
    6.Enter recovery mode and wipe cache partition.
    7.SETUP Initial configuration I suggest you have you internet configured first as it would do an market update.
    8. My handset started going into loop restart Enter recovery mode and wiped cache partition at least twice.

    MS OUTLOOK was not able to connect to server because of certificates which were stored in the DRM of the phone cleared the same by going to setting --)about phone --)legal information --) License settings --) clear licences.

    At times due to unavailability of internet services you may find some force close errors .

    Under observation at the moment.

    Cheers !!

  45. @Oliver
    Gr8!! You finally have got it working!!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    BTW Google has pulled the upgrade from Kies, as they found some bug in the firmware but it wont affect us, we actually don't knw much abt this bug at the moment!!

    After fixing it Samsung will be rolling the update again via Kies..

    That is y you were not getting the upgrade option yday from XWJS8!!

    Let me know what you feel abt this firmware!!!

  46. Hey Gautam

    Thanks for all the help dude. Unfortunately nothing worked for me. I went to a friends place to try it out. He installed 2.3.3 as well on his galaxy s so i figured i did go to his place and get it installed. Apparently even on his pc it showed USB not recognized and that was quiet frustrating. I checked the 2.3.3 on his phone and the only difference i found were the UI on notification, the graph bar mentioning the battery life and the ability to mark texts easier while typing. Besides, to be honest I found not much difference in performance when compared to 2.2.1. Just given up trying to install the OS. I checked it out online and many people have reported having the same issue where their download mode just shows USB not recognized.

    Thanks for all the help, much appreciated

  47. @Paul
    There is not really much of visual difference but certain things have definitely changed!!
    You can compare the browser of 2.2.1 and 2.3.3 to find the difference!

  48. @Gautam

    Did you try changing the display default font to any other type ?? phone hangs the moment you do that I tried it on my friends phone too same issue. are we hitting a BUG ??

    Seriously ver 2.2 was the most stable version almost with no issues !!

  49. Hey Gautam,

    I have an interesting question that is the kernel GCC version on my phone is 4.4.0 (GCC) how do I upgrade it to the latest one that is 4.6.0 as 4.4.0 was released in 2009 hence i feel my phone keeps rebooting and display gets distorted.

    Kindly HELP

  50. @Oliver
    I don't know how to upgrade GCC..
    You can ask at XDA forums!

    Those guys will definitely help you!!

  51. hi, i have installed speedmod with lagfix enabled in 2.2 stock ROM.

    Do i really need to undo lagfix for upgrading to 2.3 rom ?

  52. @Gokul
    Its recommended to do so!

  53. @gautam

    Thanks buddy for ur guide and help :)

  54. @Gokul
    You are welcome!

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  55. Hi Gautam,

    A quick question, do I have to remove the onelagfix and unroot my phone (currently using it for 2.2) before following the instruction you posted?

    Many thanks.

  56. @Peter
    It is recommended that you remove all lag fixes, hacks that you had previously installed on your phone!

  57. Thanks Gautam.

    I can't even get into download mode at all. I tried the 3 button combo after i switch off my phone. After pressing those 3 button, it just boot up like normal. Tried it many times and it's still the same.

    Is it suppose to be like this?


  58. does samsung galaxy s has front camera for video calling???
    and if it has then is it posssible to use this camera for simple video call(not by skype) to another mobile ??


  59. Hi Gautam,

    Im new to the whole smart phone andriod thing. I rooted and lagfixed my galaxys on both 2.1 and 2.2. Dont know much about kernals and roms, but looking to update to 2.3. I know i have to remove lagfixes and rooting, just wondering if theres a root and lagfix for 2.3.


  60. @Joy
    Yes the Galaxy S has a front cam..
    The new google chat application supports video calling but its only available with 2.3.4 firmwares..

    Currently not many apps make use of the front cam..

    You can use it for making video calls via 3g!!

  61. @Mark
    Yes its recommended to unroot your phone and remove lagfix be4 installing 2.3.3...

    There are lagfixes available for 2.3.3 as well..

    You can install Voodoo Hacked GingerbreadKernel or SpeedMod Kernel.. You can also install CF Root v3.1

    All kernels will make your phone rooted and allow you to choose lagfix from recovery..

  62. Hey Gautam,

    thanks for the great instruction. Even I could understand it as a total newbie.
    I have one question abt what you posted about the 3G settings, how can I install them manually? (i realized only later that my internet connection wouldn't work anymore after this update)

    Thanks in advance.

  63. Hey gautam, first of all thanks for your awesome guide. I got a quick question.. im on 2.2.1 baseband I9000xxjve, do I have any problem at all doing this? i mean by upgrating=???

  64. Never mind, everything went fine except that I had to reinstall all the apps, but thats because i was comming from froyo I guess, everything works fine, but one weird ting is that the led buttons doesn't turn off,lol I haven't find a way to turn it of yet..If you come to a solution plz let me know and thank you buddy for taking your time to put this amazing guide out here..

  65. Sorry.

    Hi Gautam, I know how to unroot my phone, but not sure how to remove voodoo lagfix or even what version it is.
    Once ive installed 2.3, was thinking of installing a voodoo lagfix. Was wondering if this was the best one to speed my phone up? Do i then have to root my phone or is it already rooted? I wasnt sure if understood you correctly.


  66. It a galaxy S I9000 by the way.

  67. @Mark
    Just unroot and install 2.3.3 as mentioned above..
    No need to remove lagfix..
    You can install the Voodoo hacked Gingerbread kernel.. It is best for high performance as well as gud battery life..

    Once you install voodoo kernel your phone is pre rooted you just have to install the superuser app from market..

    Let me know if you have more questions...

  68. thanks a lot. this was very helpfull. however, i still can't move any apps to sd. is this normal??

  69. Hi Gautam, i know how to unroot my galaxy S I9000, but not sure how to remove the voodoo lag fix or even what version it is.
    Once ive installed 2.3, i was going to install voodoo lagfix. Im wondering if this was the best one to install to speed up my phone? Also, not sure if i understood correcting, but would i then have to root it, or would it be rooted already?

    Thanks mangemi

  70. hi,

    i would like to know, does the facebook sync with contacts feature work with the 2.3.3 update because ive herd it has been disabled on the nexus s

    also do you know where i can find a version for i9003


  71. hi gautam,

    i have my galaxy s rooted and lag i need to unroot and uninstall lagfix before doing this?

  72. since i cant unroot / disble my lagfix... coz im a noob...

    can i upgrade without doing so? what can go wrong?

  73. @roman
    Yes you can upgrade without removing root n lagfix!
    But its always recomended that first unroot and disable lagfix and then install new firmware!

    I dont think you will have any issues with the upgrade!

  74. hey i was preparing to flash my phone... but when i enter dload mode it cant recognize my phone...

    Firmware 2.1 update1
    build eclair

    i tried using kies drivers none seem to work... any idea?

  75. by the way im running xp sp3 32 bit

  76. @roman
    Can you try on a different machine preferably running win7 or win vista???

    It is due to Samsung Kies driver incompatibility with XP!!

    Let me know if it worked!

  77. help! i think my phone got stucked on the galaxy s splash screen,,, =(

    what to do? i used win 7 and follow instructions flash successful but after reboot it is stuck on splash screen

  78. @roman
    Just turn off your device and repeat the steps! If that still doesn't work install any froyo version and then upgrade to 2.3.3

    Let me know if you hv issues...

  79. just done the flash process, everything appeared fine.
    now my phone seems stuck in an infinite boot cycle on the galaxy s splash animation prior to boot, any help?


    i just needed to wipe cache and factory settings and its all good! :P

    ill surely be watching this site very very good!

  81. @Vengeance

    Roman faced similar issue!

    Restart your phone, enter recovery by pressing volume up + power button + menu button and wipe data and cache and reboot your device..

    Your phone should now boot normally..

  82. @roman
    Thanks for letting others know how to solve the infinite galaxy S splash screen issue!!

  83. tried that still getting the same effect

  84. can't reflash as odin
    "can't open the serial(com) port"

  85. @Vengeance
    Did you try re-installing the same firmware???

    Also can you tell me from which firmware you are trying to upgrade???

  86. @Vengeance
    Turn off phone, unplug your usb cable, now enter download mode and open ODIN.

    Now plug in the usb cable..
    (If tht doesn't work try restarting your PC)

    Your mobile will get detected and then you can flash again..

  87. yes i tried installing the same firmware
    samsung 2.2.1 was on there originally

    i have found out why it wouldn't boot into recovery
    when using power/vol up and home you have to release power when it boots to get into recovery mode lol

  88. huzzah after a couple of glitches it now works.
    much faster to boot, now running 2.3.3 finally seeing as its only 8weeks late via samsung.

    thanks man you rock

  89. @Vengeance
    Glad to hear that everything is working as it should!!

    You are welcome!!

  90. Bro gautam been using this rom for half a day...

    i notice battery drain issues as android OS uses like 65% of battery... did u have the same issue?

    what do u think is a fix to this?

  91. after updating to 2.3.3 my samsung gt i9000 is having speaker issues
    i can talk on loud speaker

  92. is this right version etc for NZ telecom XT as running 2.3.2 xwjv1 on a samsung i9000 and cant get wcdma 850 outside big city but runs fine on 2100 range?

  93. Hi Gautam

    i'm prabhu, Thanks for your support, Everything worked well, rock...
    its just perfect,...

    i'm just having a doubt, do we need to install VOODOO LAGFIX for this Gingerbread 2.3.3(XWJVB) firmware?
    Or That EXT4 file system is already build in itself?

    If so needed or the lag fix is available please send me the link for this firmware,

    Thanks in Advance,

  94. @Prabhu
    Nope! 2.3.3 its not ext4 but its pretty fast... Voodoo lagfix is still needed for utilizing the full potential of SGS!!

  95. oks,

    is there any VOODOO LAG FIX for this particular 2.3.3 XXJVK or XXJVB firmwares? and also any for the DARKY v10 RC6 ROM? have you tried any?

    i've been using this firmware so far for a day and its its far better than the indian version froyo DDJP6 with voodoo lag fix,

    Thank you so much for your help Gautam.

    will you suggest me to go for the DARKY V10 RC6 ROM?
    Wait for VOODOO LAG FIX for this current 2.3.3 gingerbread firmware?

    I'm really confused about the above options, can you help me,...

    thank you,

  96. @Prabhu
    There is no need for lagfix in Darky's rom.. its pretty fast and uses a custom kernel..

    I have tried Voodoo lagfix and Hardcore's speedmod on stock 2.3.3 XWJVB!

    There is a new version of Darky's rom out!
    I'll be posting instructions for installing that rom!
    You can install Darkys RC6 coz its easy to upgrade from Darky's rom to latest darky's rom..

  97. Hi Gautam,

    I a SGS user in India. I had recently installed gingerbread 2.3.3 .Just wondering is there a way in which I can revert back to Froyo(to which I upgraded via Kies) so that I can have the official upgrade via Kies. Also I have seen the UI is not the same as in Froyo nor the picture clarity. Any ideas why is it ?

  98. Will this work on the Captivate ??????

  99. @ansh
    No! this is only for the international version Galaxy S GT I9000.

  100. Does this have Swype installed?

  101. @yash
    Yes! it has swype and it works perfectly fine..

  102. Can i update my galaxy s
    eclair 2.1 directly to gingerbread 2.3.3 ?

  103. @Kashif
    Yes! you can.
    There is also a XXJVP 2.3.4 version available as well for GT-I9000.

  104. Thanks for your prompt reply. Is it a stable one and do i have to follow the above procedure to update it from eclair 2.1?

  105. Dear Gautam,

    The update process has halted at Setup Connection....

    What to do!!!!!


  106. THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. @Kashif
    did ur problem got solved?
    I hope everything went fine.

    Let me know if u had ne issues..

  108. yeah i did make it through...had some problems in my first try then deleted the entire kies and drivers (as you mentioned it above)... and then again tried and everything went fine then. tx!

    By the way is 2.3.4 really worth the try to dload it!!

  109. @Kashif
    Yes! its worth the download. Its marginally faster than 2.3.3 and this also improves battery life.

  110. i used this and for some reason my internet now wont work at all and i am really stressed because now it just does what any phone does calls and text and i can not connect to any internet at all i really need help
    even if i good just remove the software and make it back to how i bought my phone, because i just want my interent to work again or have my phone back to the original settings it came with

  111. Now my phone is jammed when starting.
    Does not start anymore?!!??!!?

  112. Waited a bit longer and working =)


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