Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[ODIN] Installing 2.2 Froyo DDJP2 on Samsung Galaxy 3

Lots of people are facing issues updating their Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 (Apollo) via Kies.
I'm providing the instructions for flashing I5801DDJP2 on your Samsung Galaxy 3 via ODIN.
For installing any firmware on Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801(Apollo) you need the following prerequisites:
  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your Samsung Galaxy 3 installed on the desktop. (To do so simply install Samsung Kies from here, after installing get the latest drivers for your Samsung device by going to Tools Menu -> Install Drivers)
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously.)
  4. The next important point is to download the I5801DDJP2 firmware from here.
  5. Next you need to have ODIN-MultiUploader-v4.252.
  6. You also need to have the Galaxy Apollo .OPS file
  7. Make sure you back up all your data, contacts and other information before flashing 2.2 DDJP2 on your Galaxy 3 GT-I5801
Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now flash DDJP2 on your Samsung Galaxy 3 in a few minutes...

Extract I5801DDJP2.rar file with the password "samfirmware.com".

Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below:
  1. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  2. Open ODIN and then plug in the USB cable.
  3. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  4. Flashing Steps:
    1. In ODIN Multi Downloader, there is an option "One Package" you need to have that ticked.
    2. The next step is the select the OPS and One Package files
      1. Select the "apollo_0531.ops" file in OPS.
      2. Select the "I5801DDJP2.tar" file by clicking One Package button at the bottom.
    3. Click on Start wait till you see pass in ODIN before you unplug your phone.
Congratulations!! You have successfully flashed 2.2 Froyo-DDJP2 firmware on your Samsung Galaxy 3.
You can now upgrade your phone via Kies, the instructions for upgrading Galaxy 3 GT-I5801 via Kies to 2.2 Froyo-DDJP2.

You can now get Swype working on DDJP2!
Here is the link for detailed instructions Swype-DDJP2!.


  1. Hi, I have a rooted I5801 with eclair on it .. Can I flash this directly to the phone or do I need to unroot it before flashing .. thanks

  2. @Kris
    Its always recommended that you unroot your phone be4 flashing!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions...

  3. is ddjp2 firmware (samfirmware) exactly same to the official firmware uploaded by samsung through kies ??

  4. is update via odin safe n wil it affect warrenty..? as while updating via kies its showing * time out *

  5. @punk
    Yes! its the same! official firmware for India..

  6. @Samir
    Its safe to update via Odin!
    You are not going to have any issues with warranty!!

    Samsung Servers are too congested due to lots of ppl trying to update at the same time!

    You can update via Odin and you will have the same version DDJP2 as updated from Kies!!

  7. thanks gautam. but gautam what do u suggest,should we upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 (ddjp2).i have heard that its a buggy firmware eg. swype is not working and there are other bugs too.these indian firmwares are always neglected, they r more of a downgrade than upgrade!!
    which 2.2 firmware (european or asian) do u suggest which incorporates all the previous functionalities and is stable.

  8. @Punk
    You are absolutely correct!!
    DDJP2 is not a very gud upgrade!! Lots of problems to be fixed, but almost all can be fixed!!

    I would recommend ZHJPF 2.2 Froyo, its a Chinese firmware but a very very stable version!!

    Unlike DDJP2 there are no bugs identified in this version till date..

    You can follow instructions to flash ZHJPF on your Galaxy3 from here.

    Let me know which firmware u decided to go with..

  9. how can i install my apps to sdcard

  10. @Shahim
    You can install this app App2SD.

  11. @Shahim
    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!

  12. got stuck in the middle of flashing process...

    some file coping error ...

  13. @Shahim
    You can start again!
    turn off your phone and then repeat the same procedure!

  14. how much time wil it take aprrox to complet my update.. via odin if my net speed is 128 kpbs.??.... n every time i am trying its showing error.as* fail* n microsoft error *we have encounter blah blah ....... help pls....

  15. @Samir
    In case of Odin we download the firmware be4 hand so depending on ur speed it will take time to download the firmware!
    Once you have the firmware and other things mentioned above, the actual flashing should not take more than 6 minutes!
    But it might take some time to start your phone the first time 2-3 mins you will see a glowing Samsung logo..

    If you are getting Microsoft error then try it on a different machine, running Windows 7 preferably!

  16. dude setup connection take take long time mre then 10 min so i colse it .help me anyoder way ?

  17. @Samir
    I think there is some problem with your drivers!

    1. Uninstall all the versions of Kies from your computer.
    2. Also remove the Samsung Drivers Package from your computer.
    3. Now download and Kies version from here(If you have the same version then just install it again)
    4. Once you have installed Kies, now open Kies and go to Tools Menu and select Install drivers.
    5. Once the latest drivers are installed for your device ONLY then try connecting your Galaxy 3 to the computer.

    Note: Before connecting your device restart your computer once..

    Can you just try this and let me know??

  18. after i did debugging mood msg cm as..
    setup connection..
    <1> odin mode..check plcatform verification..
    <1> verifiyplatform;v2,p9,r2
    <1> START !!!
    <1> e- unkonw file - "rar!
    wat to do ??

  19. @Samir
    For flashing we don't need to enable debugging mode!
    Just enter turn off the mobile then press and hold volume down + menu button + power button simultaneously.

    You will then enter download mode.

    Once you are in download mode now open Odin and plug in your USB cable.
    The ID COM field which was blank be4 will get some value now!

    After that select the OPS file and the one package and click on start!

    You will get DDJP2 firmware in 6-7 minutes, Your phone will start but wait till you see Pass in ODIN and then unplug the phone!!

  20. hi gautam, as u suggested i digged a bit to know about the ZHJPF chinese 2.2 Froyo firmware.indeed its better than ddjp2 firmware.so i downloaded the firmware ( ZHJPF 2.2 Froyo) from samfirmware.i also downloaded the 'I5801ZHJPF_Complete_Package' u posted on yur site on tech gom.i discovered that the firmware downloaded from samfirmware is the one package type firmware. but the firmware that u have uploaded is not a one package type. in that u will have to select the BOOT, PHONE, PDA, and CSC files seperately onto odin. though i am not a linux expert i suspect that it is a custom firmware which has been tinkered.it is a mixed firmware were some files are taken from zfjpe and jpd firmwares. i don't know from where u got this firmware.
    pls rectify me if i am wrong.

  21. @Punk
    Its the same firmware! If you don't want to flash the firmware provided by me you can flash the One Package version you have downloaded!
    I prefer the 4 file version..
    Its definitely not a custom firmware, its a stock firmware from Samsung!

    You are free to flash whichever version you prefer!

    People who have installed this version are pretty happy with it!! I recommend you to try it out!!

  22. ok dude point taken. thanks for yur time.

  23. hey gautam i have upgraded my cel thanks.... bt can u tel me hw to set up .. wifi hotspot.. *witout rooting if possible*..

  24. @Samir
    You are welcome!!
    Go to Settings -> Tethering -> and tick Mobile AP
    You will now see your mobile as a Wi-Fi hotspot!!

  25. Thanks a lot Gautam, Finaly i upgraded to Froyo.

    Nice guideline, really helpful for first time user also.
    Thanks again.

  26. @Manoj
    You are Welcome!!

    Let me know if you find any bugs/issues..

  27. Flashed via ODIN. Got PASS in ODIN. But the phone seems to be stuck at Samsung glowing logo for past 10 mins. Normal? Or should i start pulling my hair out?

  28. @Sam
    Don't worry sometimes it takes time!
    If you feel its taking too long then,
    1. Turnoff your G3
    2. Enter recovery mode by pressing volume up + menu button + power button
    3. Wipe data and cache
    4. Reboot

    Your G3 will now reboot successfully!

  29. How do i press volume up + menu and Power??? menu is a touch key ...

  30. @Sam
    The same way u entered download mode, except for volume down now ur supposed to press volume up!

  31. volume up + home + power gives a "forced upload by key pressing"

  32. Hey... how long does the wipe data/factory reset take? .... been doing it for past 40 mins ... doesn't even have a progress bar that i can see ...

    Just showing

    " -- Wiping data...
    Formatting DATA:... "

    with some other stuff also

  33. @Sam
    it should not take tht long!
    hardly takes 1-2 minutes...

    Do one thing turn off the mobile, enter download mode and re-flash the firmware!

  34. Flashed again. PASS in 6:28.

    Message window -
    "Download Start...
    <0> Create File...
    <1> StartThread Detected : 1
    <2> StartThread Detected : 0
    <3> StartThread Detected : 0
    <4> StartThread Detected : 0
    <5> StartThread Detected : 0
    <6> StartThread Detected : 0
    <7> StartThread Detected : 0
    <8> StartThread Detected : 0
    <1> setup connection...
    <1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    <1> VerifyPlatform:V2, P9,R2
    <1> START!!!
    <1> set download environment.
    <1> boot.bin download..
    <1> 1/7 Finished.
    <1> Sbl.bin download..
    <1> 2/7 Finished.
    <1> logo.png download..
    <1> 3/7 Finished.
    <1> zImage download..
    <1> 4/7 Finished.
    <1> factoryfs.rfs download..
    <1> 5/7 Finished.
    <1> cache.rfs download..
    <1> 6/7 Finished.
    <1> modem.bin download..
    <1> 7/7 Finished.
    <1> reset pda..
    <0> Started Timer
    <1> Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    <1> PASS!!!
    <0> Destroy instant..
    <0> Killed timer

    Phone showing:
    "-- Install from package...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Installing update...

    -- Applying Muti-CSC...
    Installing Multi-CSC
    multicsc : src /system/csc/INU/system .

    --Delete App data...
    Delete files, please wait"

    Again think it'll be stuck on this screen...

  35. thanx for helping ... finally got irritated ... flashed JG6 and then JPM ... working ... JP2 can rot in hell ...

  36. @Sam
    Can you tell me hw JPM is???
    Lots of ppl facing issues with JP2..

  37. Yup it is pretty stable...
    Had a few issues in the beginning but they all cleared up on their own after a few reboots...
    I flashed the XXJPM one available at samfirmware.com ...
    Surprisingly it was pre-rooted, so saves the three clicks required to root :P ...
    Only issue i have as of now is that GOWeather is not getting a lock on my location... (But location GPS fix is working fine in Maps)...
    I'll let you know if i find any issues...

  38. @Sam
    Its very surprising that its pre-rooted!
    is the GPS accurate???

    Waiting to hear more on this firmware!

  39. Yes it is accurate... just doesn't seem to be working on that one app... maybe an isolated case

  40. @Sam
    Gr8! Thanks for the reply! will try it out soon!! :)

  41. a later build also has released XWJPF ... give that a try ...

  42. @Sam
    That sounds like a better idea!
    Thanks! :)

  43. i am facingproblem at "deleting app data"point.it s stuck there..... :(

  44. please help me come out of it.....

  45. @Vishal
    Simply turn off ur phone, enter download mode and re-flash as mentioned in the procedure!

    Let me know if you still have issues...

  46. hi gautam
    i have updated g3 by odin as shown b u. ever thing went ok. but when i re started my phn i hangs and screen goes black. at that tme menu or power buttons are not wrking. plese help me

  47. @rishav
    Do u see the Samsung logo glowing???

  48. my phone starts normaly. but when home screen appears it hangs there. and display goes off. pressing power or menu button dont works. after that i have re started it many times but nting works

  49. @rishav
    That is strange!

    Have you tried wiping data/cache partitions from recovery mode???

    If that doesn't work just re-flash the firmware, sometimes due to bad flash it might happen..

  50. My Phone also Hanged with Delete Data......

  51. i have tried several times by doing it again & again, it stops @ Delete App data....Delete files please wait...

    when i tried doing volume up + home + power gives a "forced upload by key pressing" that's it.. its not going more than that please help me out .....

  52. i have down graded to 2.1 now.b odin as shown b u. it works fine. plz tell me can i still take my phone to service center for an official upgrade to 2.2.

  53. @rishav
    Yes u can take it to the service center n get 2.2 DDJP2!!

  54. @Karthik
    You were on 2.1 and were upgrading to 2.2???

    Have you tried flashing 2.1 again???

    I suggest you flash 2.1 and then try upgrading to 2.2...

    let me know hw it goes...

  55. when ever i conect my phone to pc its only getting charging i am unable to get connected to kies or usb mode...!!??

    please anybody help me out..!!

  56. I Had 2.1 now i upgraded to 2.2 DD JP2, but unfortunately i got errors like Delete App data....Delete files please wait..., but now i installed zfjp3, happy with the built, no Bugs ! No Hangs Up! FROYO ITS ROCKING.......

  57. @deepu
    You can turn USB debugging on from Settings -> Applications -> Development.

    Now your mobile will get detected as mass storage device on ur PC..

    If you still face issues then uninstall Samsung drivers from ur PC and re-install using Kies..

    You can subscribe to my blog via Email or RSS feed whichever you prefer, also like my facebook page here, you can also follow my blog for the latest android, telecom, and technology related info!!
    Let me know if that solves your issue..

  58. @Karthik
    DDJP2 has some issues when it comes to upgrading!!

    ZFJP3 seems to be better!
    What is the battery back up you are getting with this firmware???

  59. @gautam
    i have install indroid v3 ROM.when i have a incoming call,the answer and reject option r not there.it only show the incoming number.help needed..

  60. Hi Gautam,

    I have rooted my Galaxy 3 to insert live wall papers. Now I am unable to unroot my phone. I am not sure of the process now but it was something SGS easy rooting process.
    Pls let me know can i go for 2.2 without unrooting. if no pls let me know how to unroot
    @Amit Bansla

  61. @ Deepu
    Try connecting after removing Memory card from the device.. it works for me ..

  62. Hi Gautam,
    Battery back up is ok (no big changes but marginally improved, Phone response was improved better, no hiccups till now.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. @Gautam
    i installed kies but still am facing the same problem

  65. @kartik
    i did as you said but stil i am unable to connect my phone in usb mode..!

  66. Hi Gautam,

    I've successfully upgraded to 2.2 Version via Kies but I'm facing Issue of Low battery (getting discharge very soon after fully charged )and Camera Not working , is there a workaround to fix camera and battery issue ( I'm using Mobile AP its cool) , is that because I'm using Mobile AP ?.
    Please do let me know.

    Is there a way to re-install the 2.2version which is stable enough and have no issue.


  67. hi gautam.........
    the kies update wasnt working for me so got device flashed and updated........
    device runing very fine.......
    thanks for this help.....
    i was searching for this firmware for so long time bcs when i last flashed and updated device it was showing i5800 instead of i5801...
    now the problem solved.......
    so thanks very much.....
    and i knw its a bit early to ask but tell me if u knw whether gingerbread will be available or not for galaxy 3?????

  68. Hi Deepu,
    Remove your memory card -> Set Default USB connectivity mode to KIES -> Restart. now try connecting with your pc (Check any firewall is blocking, or just unload all the antivirus, firewall down). if still not connecting please check device manager whether your phone is shown as installed...

  69. HI Vivek !

    which version did you installed

  70. @deepu
    Can you try it on a different machine???

  71. @Vivek
    If you face issues, do a wipe of data and cache from recovery!
    Press volume up + menu + power to enter recovery mode...

    Also I have found that after 2-3 restarts few of these errors get fixed automatically..

    Its strange but it works!! :)

  72. @Harry
    Gr8! I'm glad that u found it useful!! :)
    No info on Gingerbread for G3 as of now!!!

  73. @amit
    Yes! you can install without un rooting ur phone you will lose root after flashing though..

    But its always better to unroot be4 flashing new firmware..

  74. Hi Gautam, I have successfully updated my galaxy 3 to 2.2 but on zhjpf 2.2 module. it running good and have no problem. only issue is that as per your version phone is now unrooted and the live wall papers option is not available. Pls let me know is there any thing i can do to insert live wall papers.

  75. i purchased galaxy 5801 week ago... it has android 2.1.a baseband version of i5801DDJG6. facing problem of battery backup. As i'm new to android, what would u suggest me to do ??

  76. @Prasanna
    2.2 ZHJPF is better than 2.2 DDJP2(official for India)
    You can flash ZHJPF from here.

    Let me knw if you have more questions..

  77. @amit
    gr8! I'm sure you are happy with 2.2 ZHJPF!

    You can root your phone by following instructions from here.

    Once rooted you can have live wallpapers!

    I have not yet tried that! I'll try it myself n let you knw the procedure...

  78. Hello Gautam,
    I am planning to upgrade to 2.2. Which will be the best FW? Looks like there are couple of issues with the official release. Is the 2.2 ZHJPF really better than 2.2 DDJP2(official for India)? Does swipe work? Or are there any better ones available?
    And need to mention, all your tutorials are very useful. Great work buddy. :)

  79. Gautam ,
    Saw your article on April 18 about Swipe, looks like it works in ZHJPF..!?. So apart from the Chinese apps any disadvantages in ZHJPF?
    Please advise. Thanks in advance. :)

  80. is deepu there? i have a solution.

  81. Hey plz help.. i flashed my g3 according to you..but it stucks at the glowing samsung logo.. i tried hard reset also...!!

  82. @Swami
    Nope there are no issues as such! Its definitely better than DDJP2!

  83. @kkhacker
    Just turnoff your phone!
    Enter recovery mode by pressing volume up + menu + power button simultaneously!

    Once you enter recovery use volume keys to navigate and menu to confirm action.

    navigate to wipe data and cache and press menu button, confirm by selecting yes and then reboot your phone.

    Now your phone should boot successfully!!!

  84. Dude whats the password of the kit above given???

  85. hi

    samsung galaxy apollo has Eclair (android 2.1) DDJG3 firmware. can i upgrade my phone to android 2.2?


  86. please give me some guidelines to unroot the phone.
    I have used this method
    to root, but now I am not able to unroot it.
    Please help me :-(

  87. easy to follow tutorial,EXTREMELY helpful!
    spent more than 4 hours,filled with aborted downloads and unrecognised device crap on bullshit kies. by this method i upgraded to froyo in 8 minutes flat! the only time taken was downloading the firmware.
    awesome work..5 stars :)

  88. hei Gautam solve one problem....man my usb not getting connected to kies or by any mode just showing charging. Wt cud be the problem ans solution. After being tried for many time thn single time it connected thn next time again shows the same problem

  89. @Aashu
    You need to close all open applications be4 connecting usb cable.

    try this and let me know if it worked!

  90. while i update with odin , phone turning off and ever since i dont can turning off phone :S:S:S HELP !!!!!!!! ( sry my english)

  91. @gautham
    I think G3 got a new update DDJP4 which is stable and swype is working at last i again came to the stock rom after trying many custom roms !!

  92. @Gautham, @Praveen91
    Hi Guys,
    I've installed DDJP2 and my phone is freezing and shuting off everytime after the reboot.
    Going for ZHJPF now..

    BTW, how is DDJP4??

  93. Is DDJP4 officaly available @ samsung service center or we should do it mannually

  94. @Swapnil
    Yes! It must be available at Samsung service center.
    You can update it at home only if ur on DDJP2 via Kies.
    I have not yet tried it! I'll try n let u knw if DDJP4 is gud.
    I'll be posting how to upgrade to DDJP4 offline instructions via ODIN soon..

  95. @Raghava
    I haven't tried DDJP4 yet! Will try that asap n get back to you..

  96. @Praveen91
    Thanks for the feedback on DDJP4, will try it soon and post instructions to upgrade!

  97. @Swapnil, @Raghava
    There is a battery drain issue in DDJP4.. battery went down 80% in just 4 hrs.

    I don't recommend switching to this rom.

    I'm trying a few European roms which seem to have better battery backup and are also stable.

    I'll post the instructions soon..

  98. Hi gautam in the latest kies version in samsung galaxy 3 which format of file will download and what is the best way to install froyo by using kies or without using kies plz help me

  99. How can I install zhjpf format froyo in my samsung galaxy 3 gt-i5801
    Can I have your no

  100. @Sajal
    You can upgrade your Galaxy 3 to froyo using either Kies or Odin.
    I prefer Odin as its faster and doesn't involve downloading firmware from Kies(which takes lots of time and sometimes gets stuck, in that case you have to start all over again).

    If you are asking which is the latest version of froyo for Galaxy 3 via kies then it is DDJP4.

    I personally have not yet upgraded to DDJP4.
    praveen91 has upgraded to DDJP4 and feels its stable but few ppl have complained abt battery drain on this firmware.

  101. @Sajal
    To install ZHJPF you can follow instructions mentioned in this link.

    Let me knw if you have any questions..
    I don't think you will have trouble flashing just stick to the instructions and you will be perfectly fine.

    Also do remember to backup your contacts and other personal data be4 you start flashing.
    Also as a precaution remove sd-card while flashing!

  102. in zhjpf file live wallpaper , adobe flash player 10.1 version and aplication to sd are working or not

  103. I m in india I have samsung galaxy 3 GT-I5801
    I want to upgrade it I download both file
    The kies latest version as well as flash kit of galaxy3 GT-I5801 so which is the best way and in odin all the files are brows in it or we want to write it manually in which file format the live wallpapers work and also the adobe flash player latest version and also application can transfered in the sd card . Can the imei no deleted by doing the upgrading its warranty is there or not iwant to do it today so please help me in few minutes thank you for above replies
    Please help me

  104. @Sajal
    No live wallpapers and flash in this version!
    You can install live wallpapers with a hack..
    Also there is an app that you can install which will help you to install apps on your SD card..

    There are no issues with imei no getting deleted.
    But this is a Chinese firmware so u'll have to flash it back to official Indian firmware when u want warranty!

    I hope that answers all your questions!

  105. plz help me after all the process i dont get i com with yellow colour in the box after connecting it what can idoo in this something guide is written to it

  106. @Sajal
    Just restart your PC and try again!
    You need to be in download mode, be4 connecting the usb cable to your phone.
    To enter download mode, press and hold volume down + menu button + power button simultaneously.

    NOTE: Plz exit/close Samsung Kies be4 starting the flashing process.

    If the problem still persists then uninstall the Samsung drivers from Add/Remove Programs in control panel and reinstall the drivers from Samsung Kies.

    To reinstall the drivers, Simply open Kies->Tools Menu->Install Drivers.

    Note: Once you selected to install the drivers you cannot close it until its done.

    I hope that answers all your questions..

  107. mera dimag kharab ho gaya kya ye samsung service centre mai upgrade ho jayega

  108. @Sajal
    You can take it to the service center and get it upgraded!

  109. Plz suggest me Plz suggest me

  110. How can I use live wallpaper in samsung galaxy 3gt I 5801

  111. Hacking or anyother way Hacking or anyother way

  112. @Sajal
    You need to root your phone in order to install live wallpapers!
    Also installing live wallpapers reduces battery backup I wouldn't recommend installing it.

  113. how can we enter download mode ..... in the above step whAT does menu button stands for is it app. ??/

  114. it is not entering download mode what to do ???

  115. The menu button is the home button(the physical button at the center of the phone), sorry abt the confusion.

  116. What exactly do u mean by its not entering download mode?
    You need to press home button + power button + volume down button simultaneously, to enter download mode.

  117. ohhkkkk i was trying it not switching the phone off ..... any ways thanks 

  118. yes! u need to turn off the phone be4 entering download/recovery mode.

  119. thanks i am succesfully upgraded to 2.2 but odin is not showing pass 

  120. Did your phone restart successfully? are u getting any message on the phone?

  121. yeah now its working ..... but it is hanging a lot .... nd some times restart .... what to do ???

  122. install any task manager from android market and kill the apps you are not using currently. That will make sure you have sufficient memory to run new apps.
    Also you can install an app called app2sd which will move all your apps to sd card thus increase the performance of the device.
    If you still not happy then install a different firmware.

  123. where you can download the I5801DDJP2.tar

  124. it is hanging on the bLACK SCREEN WITH gt-i5801 what i have to do

  125. when exactly do you get this problem? while starting ur phone?

  126. I have provided link for the firmware in the post, you need to download that and extract it inside that u'll find all the files.

  127. when i push de on button

  128. The firmware must have not installed properly, kindly re-install by followings the steps mentioned in the post. you can enter download mode by pressing volume down + home + power button simultaneously, then follow the instructions to flash the firmware using ODIN.

  129. I flashed the device as per your instructions but the music player gets hanged every time I try ti play a song in it.

  130. Its an issues in the firmware itself! Samsung India have made the worst possible firmware ever! There are other bugs as well, like Swype is not working! That can be fixed though, by following instructions mentioned here.

  131. hello basically i have got a samsung galaxy apollo i5800 and i installed wrong firmware i installed i5801 firmware and know my phone wont go in to download mode and all it does is show the boot up screen what should i do my friend  

  132. Can you tell me what exactly you did so that I can understand the issue and try to provide you with a solution for the same?

  133. i got it sorted nw but can you help me with some thing since i have flashed my phone i can not update through kies do you know how to fix this

  134. You just have to flash any official version for your device in your country and you will directly receive the latest update.

  135. hi i did it but at the minute 20 in ODIN it said FAIL and now i can´t use my phone or install it again what can i do?

  136. Is your download mode working? If yes, simply enter download mode and try flashing again following the same procedure.

  137. Yes! You have to flash back to any of the official version(s) for your device in your country. This will make you eligible for any new update via Samsung Kies.

  138. Well i did it sucessfully...
    Was happy using 2.2...
    but a big problem also came with updating...
    battery only last 1 hour while using video player, internet or apps or calls...

  139. That is strange! I have not had this problem with the firmware. Try to kill the apps using task killer when not in use. The apps must be running in background causing the battery to drain so fast.

  140. after flashing it can not upgrade by kies
    says "your device does not support software upgrading via kies".
    plz tell me solution for this.......

  141. i am not able to open d firmware file its showing tat it has been removed from the site!!wat to do??

  142. he dear how to install a usb driver


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