Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Installing Darky v10 RC6 on I9000

This ROM will make your Samsung Galaxy S blazing fast and add a ton of features which greatly extend the capabilities of your phone.

Darky v10 will definitely make your SGS blazing fast, quadrant score of 1600+ and lots of tweaks will take your Galaxy S experience to a whole new level..

While installing this ROM if something goes wrong I wont be held responsible..
Please read instructions carefully and follow them to avoid facing any issues!!

There are certain pre-flashing recommendations:
  1. You need to have your phone's drivers installed on your pc for Odin to flash your phone. This can be done by installing Kies from here.
  2. Before flashing you need to close Kies + Kies background process or the install won't work.
  3. Remove your external sdcard before flashing.
  4. If you have some sort of theft-protection app installed on your device, disable it before flashing or you might end-up having to give a PIN code to use your phone.
  5. I recommend charging your phone to 100%.

Instructions for installing Darky's V10 ROM on I9000 ONLY:

Before starting the procedure make sure you back up all your applications using Titanium Backup, you can find a free version in market, your phone must be rooted to use this app though..
  1. Download these files:
  2. Flash Ficeto_JVB ROM:
    1. Extract the downloaded package on your computer, on extraction you will get a folder by name of Ficeto_JVB_Odin, the contents of this folder will be as follows,
  3. Now, Open Odin3 v1.3, select PDA as Ficeto_JVB_odin.tar from the extracted folder.
  4. Select PIT as s1_odin_20100512.pit from the extracted folder.
  5. Tick Re-Partion
  6. Now click on Start button to being flashing.
  7. Your phone will reboot, you are now on Gingerbread and your phone is rooted!
  8. Flash Darkcore 2.2 in CWM
    Now you need to flash Ficeto's kernel before you install RC6:
    1. Reboot in CWM.
    2. Install zip from sdcard.
    3. Choose zip from sdcard.
    4. Find
    5. Confirm.
    6. Wait until it's done and reboot.
  9. Install 2 apps, SuperUser and Darky Rom Configurator.
  10. Flash Darky_v10_RC6:
    1. Open Darky Rom Configurator and choose the things you need.
    2. Reboot in recovery
    3. Install zip from sdcard.
    4. Choose zip from sdcard.
    5. Find
    6. Confirm.
    7. Wait until it's done and reboot.
  11. Restore all the applications using Titanium Backup!
  12. Congratulations! you have successfully installed Darky v10 RC6 on your i9000..
Note: If your getting force close issues for certain applications like email then reboot in recovery and wipe data and cache!

You need to enable "All Animations" from Display in Settings to start CRT turn off animation on your I9000...


  1. So what is the different between this and the gingerbread official that you previously post?

    is there any significant increase in performance?

  2. ah and what is CWM? can you tell me how to do it. since i'm new in this things..

    thanks before

  3. @bharata
    ClockWorkMod(CWM) is a custom recovery for Android phones, it provides many additional features that are not present in stock recovery!!

  4. @bharata
    This is a custom rom with lots of additional fixes and goodies which you will not find on stock 2.3.3 rom!!

    This rom provides the best battery backup on GalaxyS!!

  5. oh okay... do you have recommendation for CWM that easy to use? thanks before

  6. @bharata
    Ficeto_JVB firmware already has Dark Core Recovery v2.1, so all you need to do is reboot enter recovery by pressing vol up + menu + power simultaneously and install Dark Core 2.2 Kernel which is needed for installing Darky's v10 RC6..

    Let me know if you still have any questions..

  7. @Gautam
    thankss... i already installed it.. and nothing wrong happened.. yet..

    well thanks for your help

  8. @Gautam
    thanx for ur nice guide and i want to know tat is this rom is stable and is force closing and crashing wont be there in this rom???...
    and one more question how can i downgrade to stock froyo rom from this darky rom???..

  9. Please Help i am getting Error..... while flashing

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:21)..
    File analysis..
    Setup Connection..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  10. @manoj
    This is a very stable rom, no crashes or forced closes!!!

    If you wish to downgrade simply flash the version you want via odin..

    Once you start using this rom you wont feel the need to switch roms.. Its that gud!! :)

  11. @kartik
    Can you elaborate a bit as to what exactly you are doing???
    I'm unable to figure out when and where you are getting this error...


  12. Hurray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had done it....... Thx gautam....wait i will post my review soon on the same

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. @gautam
    Hi gautam now i face an issue,when i charge my SGS fully to 100% and disconnect the charger cable the battery suddenly drops to 98% instead of staying in 100% so wat could be the reason for tat and pls tell me how to fix tat???

  16. @manoj
    Its a known bug and darky's crew is working on fixing it. It just wrong representation of battery % ur battery still is fully charged!

    I'll let u knw once there is a fix available..


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