Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Facebook for Android gets updated to v1.60

Facebook for Android gets updated to v1.60.
Although this update doesn't seem to change a lot of things but, the most noticeable feature is the ability upload your videos on the move.

To get this latest version you can either visit market form your android device or you can also install this app from the android web market from here.
The change log in v1.6 is as follows:
  1. Added pages
  2. News Feed improvements
  3. Added the ability to upload videos
In the previous version only photo upload was available, but this version provides you the ability to upload video of your favorite moments captured from your android device itself.

You can also upload videos from the Gallery.

The news feeds have also improved in this version of Facebook, now more type of posts and feed stories are displayed.

Pages can now be opened straight from the news feed and browsed in the app itself.

Facebook has been trying to improve its android app consistently and provide Android users best social networking experience.
Let us know what you feel about this upgrade..

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  1. Everything in web is in mobile now, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Wordpress, etc. Even employees and employers are now into mobile banking. The technology world grows more each day.


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