Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google launches Google+ to rival Facebook

Google+ : Google's attempt to gain social networking supremacy.

Google recently unveiled its Google+ project which seeks you to connect with your friends and family and makes sharing with them more like in real life.
Google+ is a social networking site which not only combines the features from other social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook but also adds new exiting features to improve your social networking experience.
Google+ brings all its products(search, Gmail, Google talk, Picasa, etc..) close together and integrates them in a very nice way.

Some features of Google+ that you should know about:
  1. Circles+
    This feature gives Google+ an edge over Facebook. In Facebook the things which you share are shared with all your friends and family. Unlike Google+, where you can share thing only with a selected group of friends or family.
    For this Google+ introduces a new concept called Circles.
    You can add your friends in one of your already existing Circle or create a new Circle.
    An example of a Circle can be "Android". If you have friends who are interested in Android or use Android they can be added to this Circle. So when u share any information related to Android you can select this Circle so that only the people actually interested in the information you share will see it in their stream.
    Another very good example can be "Family". The stuff that you share with Family is not displayed in your other circles and vice-versa.
  2. Sparks+
    To enhance sharing Google has added a feature called the Google+ sparks. This feature makes it easy for people to find interesting things to share with their circles. Sparks is a collection of videos, photos, articles etc. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share with your respective circles.
  3. Hangouts+
    The most interesting feature of Google+ is its video chat feature.
    We all know about Facebook's new video chat feature introduced last week, which is one is to one video chat, Google+ takes video chat a step ahead! Google+ lets you video chat with up to 10 people at once.
    When you click on "Start a hangout" you instantly are in a video chat room waiting for your friends to join.
    The hangout can be started with either all your circles or you can also selected circles to start the hangout.
    The message that you are hanging out is displayed in your stream.
  4. Mobile+
    Google has launched an application for Google+ for its Android users. With this application you can see the stream from your various circles or share stuff. Whats more is you can also upload your photos and videos captured from your Android on Google+. Another interesting app is the Huddle. Huddle provides group chatting experience on your Android device.
    Currently the Google+ app is limited to Android users only but the app will be available on other devices as well in near future.
    iOS app is already ready and submitted and is waiting for approval, so you can expect that to hit the app store soon..
    We will cover the Google+ mobile app in detail in our next post.

Do let us know your experience on Google+.

A special thanks to Gautam for helping me in writing this article.


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