Thursday, July 21, 2011

Twitter for Android gets updated to version 2.1

Twitter for Android gets updated to version 2.1.0 and brings much needed features to Twitter's mobile app.

These features include push notifications and multiple account support.

One of the most craved feature for a power user is multiple account support, this features is already present in most third party twitter clients available in the market today, but it was missing in Twitter's own Android app. Now you can switch between multiple accounts with ease.

Another very important feature that this update brings is support for push notifications, and thus it becomes the first and only Twitter client to support push notifications on Android devices.
If you are already aware what push notifications are then you must be knowing its importance and will welcome this feature with open hands.

What do push notifications means is that you don't have to wait for the application to retrieve tweets / mentions / direct messages after fixed intervals. The application will automatically notify you after you receive a direct message or some other Twitter user mentions you in their tweet.
This will also work multiple accounts, so now you will be sent notification(s) for all your Twitter accounts.

To enable push notifications, you need to go to settings, in that select the account for which you want to enable push notifications, make sure that Automatic refresh is ticked.

You can also configure notifications, you can be notified for,
  • Tweets
  • Mentions from people you follow or anyone
  • Messages
Also, the appearance of home screen widgets is updated and bunch of other improvements and bug fixes have been made.

You can download this updated version of Twitter for Android now from Android Market.

source:Twitter Blog

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