Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Launches Magnifier a Music Discovery Site

Magnifier a new music discovery site was launched by the Web GiantGoogle today. Google Magnifier was unveiled to help Google music users discover new music. Magnifier in addition to free music tracks will also feature music, videos, live performances, free songs, interviews and a chance to explore new music genres. The Google Music beta users can add these to their collection with one click.

Magnifier helps you discover upcoming artists and you can read about the creators of some great music who were not very popular. Magnifier also features 'Artist of the Week' in the Antenna section, these artists are selected by the Google Music experts.

Each week the Magnifier will feature a different artist. They have started this week with My Morning Jacket"Holdin' On To Black Metal" & "The Day is Coming (Live)" and Google is giving away two tracks to Music beta users. You will need a Music Beta account to get these tracks. Magnifier is an attempt by Google to differentiate itself from its competitors like Amazon's Cloud Music and Apple's upcoming iCloud service.

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