Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Installing DarkyROM 10.2 Resurrection on Samsung Galaxy S

All people owning a Samsung Galaxy S must definitely install Darky ROM 10.2!
Today I'm going to show you how to install a DarkyROM 10.2 Resurrection Edition, which means you get the cleanest ROM possible!
Thanks to Darky and Ficeto, you can now experience a faster, smoother and better performance on your Samsung Galaxy S like never before!

DarkyROM 10.2 features:

Before flashing you need to ensure couple of things:
  1. Make sure your lagfix is on be4 flashing DarkyROM 10.2 RE, this is needed for the following reason,
    Lagfix ON: you'll get GGB Launcher and the new Market
    LagfixOFF: you will not get the above two apps (/data will still be converted to EXT4)
    To turn on lagfix on a Gingerbread ROM install Voodoo kernel.
  2. Make sure you charge your phone to 100% before starting the flashing process, this is reduce your efforts to re-calibrate it later on.
The instructions for flashing this ROM are pretty simple:
  1. You need to download the DarkyROM_10.2_Resurrection package from here.
  2. Extract the downloaded package, inside which you will find the following things,
  3. Enter Download Modevol-down + home + power by pressing power button + home button + vol down button simultaneously.
  4. Open the extracted folder, start Odin 1.3.
  5. Very important, Make sure Kies is off.
  6. Connect the USB cable to your phone.
  7. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  8. Now you have to select the PIT by selecting s1_odin_20100512.pit file from the extracted folder.
  9. Remember you have to tick repartition.
  10. Select the PDA.tar it into PDA section in Odin.
  11. Now press start.
  12. Your phone will restart.(You should see green color and PASS above ID:COM field)
  13. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone.


Note: If you miss any apps, do not worry! They are backed up on your sdcard and you can use DarkyROM Tool to install whatever you need.
Install DarkyROM 10.2 on your Samsung Galaxy S and let us know your experience using it!


  1. Gautam,

    What is the benefit of installing this ROM?

  2. @Kashif
    Apart from the fact that it is rooted and already has memory hack pre-installed, you will get the latest version of Android market, Google talk with voice and video chat and the TouchWiz 4 launcher present on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

    Also it is very stable and faster than any stock ROM till date..

    You should definitely give it a try!

  3. @gautam: for what gingerbread version is this rom?

  4. @Bharata
    You can install voodoo kernel on any version of Gingerbread 2.3+

  5. @Gautam,

    I have read a lot about CyanogenMod ROM. How would you compare these two?

  6. @Kashif
    I'm currently on CM7!
    If you like stock Samsung firmware and are used to using ur Samsung Galaxy S like that then u'll definitely like Darky's ROM more.
    As its close to that with most of the features of CM7 like google talk with video chat and voice chat also u get to keep all the stock applications like Samsung music player, video player etc.

    The camera on CM7 is not all that gr8. No where close to stock Samsung/Darky's ROM.

    I'll be posting an article on how to flash CM7 soon... You can flash either of them, it depends on wht u want..

    I have had some problems with CM7 in the past, installing it is a bit tricky..

  7. Gautam.
    i have installed this ROM, however, none of my earlier installed apps can be accessed from the above procedure. Infact the install tab does not reflect any of my apps installed from the market.
    what to do?

  8. @Kashif
    Only the stock apps which are missing in this ROM like nokes, Layer, other Samsung apps can be restored from the install tab.
    You will have to download the remaining apps from Market.
    If you had rooted your phone u could use titanium backup to restore all the installed apps on ur phone and restore them once u update.

    Sorry if I was not clear be4..

  9. found out the way...through titanium!! Had backed up my apps!
    thanks anyways..the ROM is great!

  10. @Kashif
    I'm glad u liked the ROM..

    Let me knw if u face ne issues with it!

  11. Gautam,
    So far i have come across only 1 issue and that is when i choose a wall paper for a home page, same stretches over entire 7 home pages...making the picture blurry. Earlier this was not the case....then same pic would be displayed on each of the home pages.

    Any idea?

  12. moreover..there are also no live wall papers...

  13. Gautam,

    Galaxy is also not connecting to kies app. Have installed the mtp app also. No use!!

    Please respond.

  14. @Kashif
    Kindly share wht u did to fix the issue, so that others wont have similar issues.


  15. Install the following apps from the DarkyRom Tool installed on your GS i9000:


    Make sure that you select Samsung Kies in Settings->Wireless and network->USB settings

    This will enable the connection to kies.

  16. @Kashif
    Thanks for sharing that with others!

  17. I have three issues after installing 10.2RE, when I go to the market download Darkyrom tool the install starts but NEVER goes through, the second is the USB connection, when i try to select the tab to copy a file over nothing happens. its not letting me connect through the usb slide down window and the third is the screen goes dark and i have to take the battery to reset the phone and does not wake up when i press any of the buttons.

  18. @dru
    For market issue, just clear cache from recovery and try again it will start working!
    The USB connection works perfectly for me, you have to enable debugging mode and Mount SDCard when u connect the USB.
    Screen goes dark, I didn't understand what exactly is the problem ur facing. Is it for a particular application or while doing something in particular???

  19. I tried all what you said and that did not work. what i meant about the screen goes dark was it goes in power save mode and it does not wake up when i press any of the buttons. I was on Darkyrom 9.5 and i went back to it because i can't t this 10.2 to work on my phone. The stock rom work fine, 2.3.4 but not the rooted version


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