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ZTE Reliance 3G Tab vs Beetel Magiq

Indian mobile operators have started launching tablets in anticipation of generating more revenue from bundled cellular data plans! We have already seen two tablet launches in this monthAugust, from India's top mobile operators, Reliance Communications and Bharti Airtel.

Reliance 3G Tab is a ZTE manufactured tablet for Reliance Communications where as Beetel manufactured Beetel Magiq for Bharti Airtel. Both tablets are cheaper than other tablet offerings available in the market, this may mark the beginning of Low-Cost "Tablet Wars" in India!

If you are in search of a tablet and are restricted by budget, look no further, both Reliance 3G Tab and the Beetel Magiq, provide a good set of features and will also not leave you with a big black hole in your pocket! Most of the potential tablet buyers in India will be unable to make up their mind as to which tablet to choose, the reason being each tablet has some distinctive features which are missing in the other.

We have thus come up with a feature based comparison for you to have a better idea about these latest offerings in the tablet market..

  • Operating System:
    The Reliance 3G Tab comes loaded with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS where as Beetel Magiq comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS.
    Moreover, the Chinese manufacturer, ZTE is already in the tablet space for quiet some time, unlike Bettel, which is a new entrant.
    So the Reliance 3G Tab is more likely to get faster updates in the future!
  • Processor:
    The Reliance 3G Tab comes with a 800MHz processor where as Beetel Magiq comes with a 1GHz processor.
    Beetel Magiq is the clear winner here!
  • Screen Type:
    Both Reliance 3G Tab and Beetel Magiq, have a 7 inche TFT-LCD screen with WVGA resolution.
    The only difference is that Bettel Magiq uses Resistive touchscreen as compared to the Capacitive touchscreen which supports multitouch capability.
    Reliance 3G Tab wins here as well!
  • Weight:
    One of the most important things to take into consideration is the weight of the device, as you will be holding it in your hand most of the time. So lighter devices are much preferred here. The Reliance 3G Tab is heavier as compared to Beetel Magiq, but the difference is marginal.
    We will still give this point to Beetel Magiq as it also has a stand at the back so that you can easily rest the device on a table!
  • Battery:Reliance 3G Tab is equipped with a much larger battery(3400mAH) compared to the Beetel Magiq(2200mAH).
    Reliance 3G Tab is the clear winner here!
  • Camera:
    The Reliance 3G Tab sports a 2 megapixel camera at the rear and a VGA camera at the front for video calls etc. The Beetel Magiq has 2 megapixel camera at both front and rear.
    Beetel Magiq scores another point here!
  • Memory:
    The Reliance 3G Tab comes with 512MB internal memory but this memory is used for running the Android OS, to make up for this loss Reliance provides a 4GB MicroSD card absolutely free with this device.
    Beetel Magic comes with 8GB internal memory which is available to the users to install apps, games, store music, etc.
    Both tablets come equipped with MicroSD card slot, Reliance 3G Tab supports up to 32BG MicroSD card, where as Beetel Magiq supports up to 16GB MicroSD card.
    But considering the fact that Reliance already provides you with a 4GB card users wont consider buying a new card straight away. So the memory available on purchase of Reliance 3G Tab will be just 4GB against 8GB of Beetel Magiq.
    Beetel Magiq scores again!
  • Price:
    Both these tablets are priced extremely well, the Reliance 3G Tab is available for ₹ 13,000 where as the Beetel Magiq will cost you just ₹ 10,000.
    Beetel Magiq is the clear winner here!

Here is a tabular version of the feature based comparison,

Operating System(OS)Android 2.3(Gingerbread)Android 2.2(Froyo)
CPU800 MHz1 GHz
Screen TypeCapacitive screenResistive screen
Weight389 gms355 gms
CameraRear - 2 megapixel, Front - VGARear - 2 megapixel, Front - 2 megapixel
Memory512MB internal(used by OS) + 4GB MicroSD card(FREE with device)8GB internal(available to user)
Maximum memory supportedup to 32GB using MicroSD cardup to 16GB using MicroSD card
Price₹ 13,000/-₹ 10,000/-

Let us know which of these tablets would you consider buying...

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