Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recharge Your Airtel Prepaid Online

Now you can recharge your Airtel prepaid card through This service will be available for Airtel customers throughout India.
All you need is a Visa/Master debit or credit card and you can recharge your Airtel mobile any time of the day.

Airtel also offers a special 5% cash back on transactions done using a VISA Debit Card.
The online recharge procedure is fairly simple,
  1. Enter Airtel mobile number(10 digits).
  2. Re-enter Airtel mobile number(10 digits).
  3. Enter your e-mail id.
  4. Select the recharge amount, click here for details regarding recharge amounts.
  5. Select your payment mode, either Master/Visa Debit or Credit card.
  6. Enter the text shown in the black box.
  7. Click on submit.

Rest of the procedure is similar to other daily online transactions.

Recharge Amounts:
Recharge Amount
Processing Fee
Service Tax
Rs. 5043.3324.6730
Rs. 10088.6629.3430
Rs. 200179.32218.6830
Rs. 300269.99228.0130
Rs. 333333.0000.000
Rs. 444444.0000.000
Rs. 500451.31246.6930
Rs. 1000904.62293.3830

Note: To avail the 5% CASH BACK using Visa Debit Cards, you need to first register your card here.


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