Saturday, October 8, 2011

CF-Root For Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Gingerbread 2.3.5 XXJVT

CF-Root is the best and the fastest way to root your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.
The best thing about CF-Root is that other than rooting your device, it brings no unwanted changes to your stock kernel.

Follow these simple instructions to root your Samsung Galaxy S:
  1. Download the CF-Root XXJVT Package.
  2. Right click on the downloaded file and extract it. It will prompt you to enter a password. The password is "", the text in red.
  3. Once you extract the file, you will get a folder with the same name. The folder will contain,
  4. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  5. Open Odin3v1.3 and then plug in the USB cable.
  6. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  7. Click on PIT and choose the "s1_odin_20100512.pit" file from the folder.
  8. Click on PDA and choose the "CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVT-v4.3-CWM3RFS.tar" file from the folder.
  9. Ensure that Re-Partition is unchecked and Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are both checked.
  10. Now press start.
  11. Your phone will restart.(You should see green color and PASS above ID:COM field)
  12. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone.

You have now successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 running 2.3.5 XXJVT firmware.
Update: To convert all partitions to ext4,
  • Download CF-Root-ext4-v1.3-Addon.rar
  • Extract the apk from the rar file, the password for this file is "".
  • Transfer the apk to SD-Card and install it.
  • You can then run the app and select which partitions you want to convert to ext4.
Note: This procedure of conversion from RFS to EXT4 is also called as lagfix.


  1. Question: Why the file name is CF-Root 2.3.4 XXJVT package?
    I thought this is a 2.3.5 CF-Root?

  2. Sorry about that, it is actually "CF-Root XXJVT Package".

  3. i do not get the yellow label after connected. is my phone bricked?

  4. Did u enter download mode, by pressing volume down + home button + power button simultaneously ?
    Also do u have Samsung drivers installed? if not install Samsung Kies and install those drivers and then try again.
    Your phone is NOT bricked!

  5. Do u have any lagfix download for 2.3.5 XXJVT Galaxy S

  6. You can follow instructions mentioned here, to install lagfix on you Galaxy S running XXJVT with CF-Root-XXJVT.

  7. sir gautam.. hello there.. can u brief me about the pro and con of rfs and ext4.not a detail explaination.just a purpose of knowledge if you ok with it.

  8. RFS is Samsung's default file system, the biggest problem of RFS is that the performance degrades(lags) over use. So if you load too many games/ apps over a period your device will slow down considerably.
    Where as in EXT4 there wont be any effect on performance e1 after prolong use of the device. So this eliminates the lag hence EXT4 based kernels are also called as lag-fix kernels.

  9. sir gautam, will it work for 2.3.5 XXJVS? sorry newbie question

  10. will lagfix erase all data on  internal and external sd?

  11. Nope! Be4 conversion of the partitions it will backup all your data and then restore it, keeping everything the way it was be4.

  12. thanks, do we need to wipe partition after applying the root?

  13. Lagfix wont erase anything from your phone! It will first backup all ur data change partition form RFS to EXT4 and then restore all the data. So your device will be as it was be4 installing lagfix! As a precaution remove the Ext SD card while applying lagfix!

  14. No need to wipe any partition after applying root!

  15. thanks a lot !!!!
    works great,only this help to recover my sgs from brick!

  16. Thanks man, it is working awesome.

  17. Richardrafferty1984December 5, 2011 at 1:54 AM

    when i attempt the lag fix i get not enough space to restore files to /system  and then it rolls back . any way around this ?

  18. i can't find CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVT-v4.3-CWM3RFS.tar      for put in pda !!

  19. thank alot !
    it worked !

  20. Sir, I have lost root access and i have tried this again and again but no success!

    Odin shows that its done it. But on the phone..there is no superuser app installed and no busybox..if i install superuser from market, it doesn't work. it says that SU Binary NOT FOUnd! 
    I have all Ext4 partitions....please help

    Samsung Galaxy S

  21. from where can i downloa the package?!?!?! help me quick

  22. I have provided the link in the first point of the instructions..

  23. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore since the has been shut down as well :(

  24. When I used the pit file my phone went into that black screen of death, but could still get into download mode. I tried again without the pit and it worked fine.

  25. Thanks Bro it works 100% cool everyone try it if you have i9000 any kernal and stock as well :)

  26. Unfortunately this is a very complex process for me. But I will definitely try to do everything to the end.

  27. Thanks so much for describing the entire process. I am so excited to be supplied with this useful and helpful information!


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