Friday, October 7, 2011

Installing 2.3.5 Gingerbread XXJVT on Samsung Galaxy S

We have yet another 2.3.5 leaked Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000. This 2.3.5 update is XXJVT and its build date is 29th September 2011.
What's new?
  • Faster (Overall speed and scrolling)
  • Blue overglow effect
  • Endless scrolling app menu
  • Endless scrolling homescreen menu
  • Better GPS signal
  • NO WIFI issue for the majority

The credit for this firmware goes to powerdams, a senior member on XDA-Developers.
For updating Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000(SGS) to latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.5(XXJVT) you need the following prerequisites:
  1. You need to have the Samsung drivers for your SGS installed on the desktop. To do so simply install Samsung Kies. Samsung Kies version can be downloaded from here.
  2. Make sure you have charged your battery, 50% or higher is preferable. (To be on a safer side charge your mobile to 100%)
  3. Make sure you have download mode working. (Turn off your mobile by pressing the power button, once switched off press and hold "power button + menu button + vol down button" simultaneously)
  4. Download the Flashing Package from here, contains ODIN3-v1.3 and .512 pit file, the password for the file is "".
  5. The next important point is to download the actual firmware for upgrading. The latest 2.3.5 Gingerbread is i9000XXJVT, here is the link for the firmware.

Once you have all the things mentioned above you can now upgrade your SGS to XXJVT in a few minutes. Kindly follow the instructions mentioned below,
  1. Extract the firmware you will find a folder named "i9000XXJVT" inside that folder there will be 3 files,
  2. Enter Download Mode by pressing power button + menu button + vol down button simultaneously.
  3. Extract FlashingPackage.rar, open ODIN from that folder and then plug in the USB cable.
  4. Ensure that you see something written in ID:COM after connecting your device.
  5. Select PIT "s1_odin_20100512.pit" from the Flashing Package folder.
  6. Click on PDA and select the PDA file "CODE_I9000XXJVT_CL617736_REV03_user_low_ship.tar.md5" from extracted folder.
  7. Click on PHONE and select the PHONE file "MODEM_I9000XXJVT_REV_00_CL1064602.tar.md5" from extracted folder.
  8. Click on CSC and select the CSC file "GT-I9000-CSC-HOME-MULTI-OXAJVT.tar.md5" from extracted folder.
  9. DO NOT tick Re-Partition.
  10. Check if both Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are ticked.(both are ticked by default)
  11. Press Start button to begin the flashing process.
  12. You will see the progress in both ODIN and your phone.
  13. Your phone will restart.(You should see green color in PASS and ID:COM fields)
  14. You can now disconnect the USB cable from your phone and follow on screen instructions.
Congratulations! you have now successfully updated your SGS to the latest 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware(I9000XXJVT).

You can root your XXJVT firmware using CF-Root, check this link for instructions on how to install CF-Root.

You can also install Google Talk with audio/video support on XXJVT firmware, by following the guide mentioned here.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!


  1. Thanks Gautam for sharing this with us.  I had updated to JVS just yesterday and installed all the lost apps. I would like to install JVT but is there a way to do this without losing apps or system settings please.

  2. You can use Titanium backup to backup all urn installed apps, but you need to root your device to be able to use it!
    For SMS you can use SMS backup/restore.
    Both apps can be found on Android market and are free.

  3. Goodday sir Gautam Gaitonde , i have a question, can i update my SGS 2.2 through SGS 2.3.5 already? and which of the two is the best cyanogen or this 2.3.5, newbie here tnx sir =)

  4. Does it support Devnagari?

  5. Hi Gautam, I have successfully upgraded now to XXJVT. Thanks! can you help me on how I can root this particular version. I have backed up my data using titanium on XXJVS and now when I try to restore, I seem to have lost super user access. Appreciate your quick help here.

  6. Can this firmware be installed on Galaxy 3 [i5801]?

  7. No! this firmware is ONLY for Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.

  8. Hey, sure I'll post the instructions to root using custom kernel, you can also root your phone using Super One Click, the instructions are mentioned here.

  9. No Devnagri support! You will have to stick with DDJV6 2.3.3 if you need Devnagari support!
    The instructions for installing DDJV6 can be found here.

  10. Yes! you can direclty update to 2.3.5 using the instructions mentioned above!
    As you say ur a newbie, I'll recommened installing stock 2.3.5.
    Stable version of Cyanogen Mod 7 still not ready, you will have to keep flashing Nightly Builds as n when they come.

  11. Hey, you can now root your Galaxy S using CF-Root, check this link for instructions to install CF-Root!

  12. Hey, you can now root your Galaxy S using CF-Root, check this link for instructions to install CF-Root!

  13. you rock man! Just noticed the link...on my way to root now :) Thanks

  14. gautam may i know what is the difference between rooting and lagfix

  15. Rooting will give you superuser access, similar to administrator on a windows machine.
    Lagfix means you will no longer experience any lag on your device, in technical terms lagix will convert all your partitions to ext4. By default all partitions on your Samsung device are RFS, which tends be lag a bit over time. With EXT4 you will not face such slowness on your device, hence it is called lagfix.

  16. I updated from xxjvs to xxjvt and wow, the battery drain was unreal, I could almost see it deplete. I was very happy with xxjvs, fast, no lags and good battery life, so I decided to revert bac,k until some of the xxjvt issues are sorted out. Not so easy do, I flashed 2.3.5 xxjvs, every thing worked as normal, but when I went to check version it was still xxjvt.

    I then flashed 2.3.4 xxjvr, worked fine, correct version installed. I then flashed xxjvs, all worked ok, odin passed, again checked version and it was xxjvt even tough I flashed xxjvs.

    Had to repeat above, 5 times to get xxjvs back on. Anybody know why ??.

  17. That is strange! I'm not facing any battery drain with XXJVT, its similar to XXJVS if not better IMO. Did u install any custom kernel?

  18. Why do not tick re-partition? i have 3 files..

  19. We do not need to re-partition using .512 pit as all firmwares use the same pit and the device is already formatted using .512, if you have flashed a rom be4 with a diff pit then you need to tick re-partition so that it will be re-formatted as per .512pit.

  20. I have a problem with Android OS I use so much CPU, what to do?

  21. From what I understand you mean to say that CPU is being used e1 when the device is not being used.
    The solution for this is to kill all the apps that are running in the background, you can download Task Killer from Android Market and use it to kill all the apps that keep running in the background.

  22. I tried but nothing ... I deleted all applications to see if doing so,  thanks for response.
    What task killer you recommend of andoid market

  23. I use Android Assistant from market, it is a free app.
    You can try it see if it helps!

  24. hey hey,
    i installed the Gingerbread 2.3.5 XXJVT on samsung galaxy and everything works perfectly smooth!!! there is one BIG problem: the internet is not working!!! it tells me that it's not supported. im using t-mobile in the you think this may be the case? now i am downgrading it to the official release using kies...

    maybe anybody else had this problem...

    many thanks

  25. hello bro... i did flash 2.3.5 and its working good but i can't update flash player at market.certain game also cannot be download.

  26. Check wheather you have set the apn values correctly for t-mobile internet? Let me know if your problem gets resolved by doing so.

  27. can you tell me which one  is the most stable version of firmware 2.2.1,  2.3.3,  2.3.4,  2.3.5, and there's 2 CSC  files on 2.3.5, and do i have to check re-partition. when i flashed first time i checked repartition (512 pit).

  28. 2.3.5 is the most stable version IMO. You need to select the CSC which is smaller in size around 9MB the name of the CSC file is GT-I9000-CSC-HOME-MULTI-OXAJVT.tar.md5
    If you have already partitioned with .512 pit then u need not re-partition.

  29. After installing this version, I am facing problems with my blue tooth headset. It stops functioning intermittently. Shows connected in the notification bar, but paired in Settings. Does not allow reconnection. Only a reset solves the problem.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  30. I haven't tested the bluetooth headset with this version, it may be a bug in the firmware. There is a update available for Galaxy S XXJVT, may be the issue is fixed in this version, you can install XXJVT from here.

    May be others using this firmware can help you with this. Let me know if you find the solution for the same.

  31. i found some video with jvt and read on forums and they all said that we need to check re-partition even if we had 512pit. is that true

  32. I dont think u need to re-partition as pit makes no diff. ticking re-partition or not ticking will not make ne diff. I prefer not to its up to you. I have flashed multiple firmwares rite from 2.1 to 2.3.5 in the same way and it works like a charm for me n others who have followed my guide as well.

  33. Thanks Gautam,

    I will try it out in the next couple of days & revert.

  34. Hi Gautam,

    I checked; I have the same version installed.

  35. hey, sorry abt that I thought u were on a diff version! I don't have a bluetooth headset currently to test if there is any issues with the firmware.
    I request others who are currently using thsi firmware to try the bluetooth headset and comment if its working fine or not..

  36. Thanks for this info.

    Some questions:
    - Is this the latest version available (as of 2011-12-17)?
    - Can I flash this without factory resettting and losing everything? (Currently on XXJVR)

  37. Can i update this using MOBILE ODIN?

  38. i have a trouble.. i've ticked repartition and now it had stopped to the screen with "S". what can i do??

  39. Link is dead for the package any other links available

  40. Blue effect? Ppl actually like that i thought it was a defect with the phone!

  41. Hi All,

    I am unable to download the "XXJVT" file. Couls anyone of you send me the zip file to my email id ""

    Thanks for your help:)


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