Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Pictures] Ice Cream Sandwich Running On Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000/GT-I9000B

Developers at XDA have been able to successfully port Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.1) to Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000/GT-I9000B. This port is still in its alpha stage and many basic features still don't work.
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ICS Home Screen Sign in with your Gmail ID or create a new one!
ICS Menu showing APPS. ICS Menu showing WIDGETS.
ICS dialer. ICS contacts app.
ICS messaging app. ICS calendar app with pinch to zoom option.
Settings Menu part 1. Settings Menu part 2.
About phone showing ICS Android version 4.0.1! ICS Music App.
List of running apps and showing free memory. Volume sliders for music, ringtone, notifications, alarm etc.
Sound settings in ICS. Display settings in ICS.
Now ICS has option to change font size straight out of the box! Calculator app in ICS.

Let us know what you think about Ice Cream Sandwich???
Do you want to try this alpha build on your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000/GT-I9000B???


  1. Hey, nice job, if you want someone to test on UK i9000 SGS I will have a go for you....

  2. The UK version is the same as the international Galaxy S GT-I9000. If u wanna test it I'll post the instructions for the same.. Its still an alpha build so I think it would be better to wait for a beta build and then try it on.


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