Sunday, December 11, 2011

Facebook Launches 'Subscribe' Button For Websites And Blogs

Earlier in September, Facebook added 'subscribe' button with which Facebook users could subscribe to any one's Facebook posts and read them, if that particular user had enabled subscriptions. Facebook added this subscribe button so that you could connect with interesting people who aren't your friends.

In similar fashion, Facebook has launched a new social plug in for websites, the 'Subscribe' button which the developers can add on their website, allowing their site visitors to get updates from their reporters and journalists in their News Feeds. It essentially works like the Twitter's 'follow' option. Previously we could only like a single post on websites. The subscription features for the websites is an extension of Facebook subscribe feature.
The Subscribe button for websites works similar to the like button on Facebook; once clicked the user will begin seeing the public posts of the person they have subscribed to in his or her News Feed. The subscribe action is also shared -- allowing others to subscribe directly via the News Feed stories, and further increasing viral distribution.
Facebook developer,
Stoyan Stefanov.

To add this social plug in to your Blog/Website visit Facebook's plug in page here.

Once you open the page all you need to do is
  • Enter your Facebook Profile URL
  • Select appropriate Button Layout
  • Select light or dark color scheme
  • You can also set appropriate font, fonts can only be chosen from the drop down list provided bt Facebook
  • You can also set the width of the plugin increase or decrease as per your preferences.
Once your are done with the customizations all you need to do is click on the Get Code button. Paste this code in appropriate places on your blog/website.

Note: You will be shown a preview of the Subscribe button on the right hand side which will help you to make the right selection.

Here is how the Subscribe Button looks like on our website..

You can check our About Us page to Subscribe to us!

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