Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three Exclusive Tata DOCOMO Photon Plus Ad’s

We have with us three exclusive TV Ad's for Tata Docomo Photon Plus which make us realize how important time is in our lives. Tata Docomo with their TV Ad's is trying to convey the message " How we spend our time makes us who we are ".

The thought behind the TV Ad’s is based on the insight of how moments define our life, and in our struggle to win the rat race, we miss out on these small little moments which define life. The TV Ad’s thus highlight the importance of time, by playing up on three importance planks of life – child, food and books (recreation). The role that Tata DOCOMO Photon Plus plays in the consumer’s life is to give him speed, which translates into more time for him – for his life – thus allowing him to do more of what he loves to do and wants to do.
So, Get Speed, Get more time for life, Get Photon Plus - High-speed wireless broadband from Tata Docomo!

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