Monday, May 20, 2013

Android highlights of Google IO 2013

Today, I'm going to walk through some of the Android highlights of the 6th annual Google I/O 2013. Android activation's
  • 900 million activation's in 2013.
Google Play Store
  • 48 billion app installs.
  • Two and half billion app install in last month.
Google Play Services
  • A layer build and managed by Google on top of Android.
  • Google developed APIs available for other developers to take advantage of to make apps even better.
  • Google Play services are upgraded by Google independently of version of Android you are running.

List of new/upgraded API's brought to you by Google:
  1. Google Maps API v2
  2. 3 new location APIs
    • Fused Location Provider
      Utilizes GSM+GPS+Wi-Fi.
      The new low power mode that used less than 1% of battery consumption per hour.
    • Geofencing
      Defines virtual fences around geographic areas.
    • Activity Recognition
      Uses accelerometer data to figure out use is walking cycling driving without use of GPS.
  3. Google+ Sing-In
    • Cross platform single sign-on.
    • Option to automatically install that app on his mobile/tablet.
    • On opening the app, the user automatically gets signed-in.
  4. Google Cloud Messaging(GCM)
    • Service managed by Google, allows user to push large number of messages from your server to your devices via Google servers.
    • Very good transfer speeds with latency averaging to 60ms
    • You can now also push msgs from devices back to your server.
    • Notification synchronization across all devices (Synchronized Notifications).
    • Dismissing a notification on one device will dismiss it across all your other devices.
  5. Google Play Game Services
    • Cloud save
    • Achivement's
    • Leaderboard's
    • Cross platform gaming(Android/iOS)
    • Multiplayer
  6. Android Studio
    • IDE for android app development
  7. Google Play Developer Console
    • Optimization Tips
    • Referral Tracking
    • Analytic's into Google Play Developer Console
    • Revenue Graphs
    • Beta testing and staged roll outs
    • Alpha -> Beta -> Production
  8. Improvements to Google Play
    • Designed for tablets view on Play Store
    • Better design for multiple screen sizes(phones, tablets, desktop)
  9. Google Play Music - All Access
    • Explore
    • Radio without rules
    • Personalized recommendations
    • Songs from All Access + Your Personal Library
    • Currently US only, will roll out in more countries in phases
    • $9.99 per month
    • Free for one month
    • Start trial by June 30, 2013 you will have to pay only $7.99
  10. Galaxy S 4 Google Edition
    • Available through Google play
    • Unlocked (T-Mobile AT&T)
    • 16 GB internal storage
    • SD card support(up to 64GB)
    • LTE
    • Bootloader unlocked
    • Will cost you $649

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