Thursday, April 17, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 - Top 5 Features

What are the top 5 features that Windows Phone 8.1 brings?
  1. Cortana
  2. Cortana is the name of Microsoft's voice assistant.
    Cortana will offer similar functionality to Siri and Google Now, allowing you to search the web, get answers or control your phone.

  3. Action Center
  4. Microsoft has added a notification center to Windows Phone 8.1 - called the Action Center. The action center will be accessible by swiping down from the top edge of the screen. It will have quick setting toggles at the top, these toggles can be customized and rearranged by the user. The Action center will show all the missed notifications, messages, missed calls, also third-party apps notifications will be shown on the action center, similar to how Android manages the notifications.

  5. Customizable interface
  6. You can now select a wallpaper for your home screen, the selected wallpaper becomes the background of most of the stock tiles. When you scroll through your tiles, the icons and wallpaper move at different speeds, creating the illusion of depth. With Windows Phone 8.1, you can add a third column on smaller devices, simply by flipping a switch within settings.

  7. Camera improvements
  8. Windows Phone 8.1 includes a new camera interface with configurable quick access buttons for the settings and a burst mode. The changes make sense and make the camera more usable.

  9. Calendar improvements
  10. Windows Phone 8.1 adds new features to make the calendar application making it more productive. Features such as new layout designs that include a week view and integration with the weather.

There are plenty of other features with the Windows Phone 8.1 that make this update very appealing and all the more difficult to only pick five for the top of the list.

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