Monday, February 19, 2018

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone & Speaker To Toshiba TV

I recently bought a Toshiba 43U6763DB Ultra HD Smart TV, you will get 4K resolution at a decent price of £299. The TV comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, but by simply paying £25 extra you will get 5 year Additional Care (accidental damage protection) from John Lewis in the UK.

After completing the initial setup I was extremely happy with Toshiba's Ultra HD panel, but the sound was not really impressive. Don't get me wrong it is does get loud but lacks base. I had read the TV's specification before making the purchase decision and was confident that it had Bluetooth, which could be used to connect a sound bar or a headphone.

Steps to connect your Bluetooth headphone / sound bar to Toshiba 43U6763DB.

Toshiba 43u6763db Sound Settings
  1. press the "MENU" button on the remote
  2. select "Sound", to open sound settings
  3. you need to then enable "Audio Link"
  4. please make sure the Bluetooth device (headphone / sound bar) is discoverable and in paring mode
  5. press the Green button on the remote to discover the Bluetooth device you intend to connect
  6. once the TV has found available devices, use the up / down buttons to select the device from the list
  7. press "OK" button to confirm your selection
  8. you should get "Device Connected" confirmation, if all the above steps are followed properly

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